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Music at Gade Valley Primary School

Music Subject Leader: Miss O'Toole


Curriculum Aims

At Gade Valley Primary School, pupils gain a firm understanding of what music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, and composing across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions, and musical genres. We are committed to developing a curiosity for the subject, as well as an understanding and acceptance of the validity and importance of all types of music, and an unbiased respect for the role that music may wish to be expressed in any person’s life.

At Gade Valley, we strive to provide opportunities for pupils to:

• Perform, listen to and review a wide range of music.

• Learn to sing and use their voices.

• Have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

• Develop an understanding of the terminology used within all music, which are referred to as the inter-related dimensions of music: pitch, timbre, dynamics, tempo, texture, structure and musical notation.


How We Teach Music

At Gade Valley, we use the Charanga Musical School Scheme as the basis for our Music curriculum. The Charanga Musical School Scheme, which supports all the requirements of the National Curriculum, provides teachers with week-by-week lesson support for each year group in the school. It is ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers and provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression, and engaging and exciting whiteboard resources to support every lesson.


The Music Skills and Knowledge Progression Documents below is a document that is used as a teaching and learning overview of each year group at Gade Valley. This document brings all the possible musical learning outcomes together for the end of each academic year. It highlights differentiated and deeper learning for each child that constantly builds through each lesson, unit and year group.


At Gade Valley pupils are provided with opportunities beyond the National Curriculum to further and support their appreciation, understanding and overall musical development. These include having visitors who perform using their musical instrument as part of the assemblies they lead, visiting concerts or performances: every year our pupils either attend a pantomime and an in school production. Each year our EYFS pupils take part in a Nativity, Key Stage 1 pupils perform a Christmas play, Year 4 perform on stage in the Spring Term and our Year 6 pupils entertain the whole school and their parents in a Leavers production in the second half of the Summer Term.  


Key Developments and Information for 2021/22

Up to May 2022:

  • All pupils in Nursery - Year 6 have taken part in a festive performance.

  • Pupils in  Year 2 have learned to play the recorder and performed, as part of their class assembly, for the rest of the school and to their parents.

  • Pupils in Year 3 and Year 4 performed a play called 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', to the rest of the school and their parents.

  • Pupils voice in Key Stage 1 and 2 indicates:

  • The vast majority of pupils enjoy learning in Music lessons.

  • The large majority of pupils believe that Music is important for their enjoyment and well-being.

  • The overwhelming majority of pupils have enjoyed learning and performing their festive performances. 



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