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Music at Gade Valley Primary School

Music Subject Leader: Mrs Wiltshire


Gade Valley endeavours to:

1. Be a school that provides an inclusive Music curriculum that can be incorporated into all subjects and topics.

2. Offer a range of musical activities for the children to participate in, both in and out of school.

3. Develop pupils’ range of musical skills.

4. Develop pupils'confidence when performing in class assemblies, school plays, singing assemblies  and special events incorporating music.



All classes from Years 1-6 follow the national curriculum, using a scheme, Charanga Musical School. Each class will have a dedicated 30-minute slot for music every week. Lessons will include active music making, singing and lots of participation. This scheme ensures each year group receives a variety of music topics and themes over the school year.  In addition, pupils have a weekly 15 minute whole school singing lesson with an experienced teacher.

In Early Years music is a large part of daily life incorporated through, for example, phonics teaching, number and Child Initiated Learning. Children have the opportunity to experiment with using simple instruments, making music and singing favourite songs.

All Music lessons include the Gade Valley Principles of Teaching and Learning, which are a set of lesson essentials such as challenge, learning behaviours and cross-curricular links.


The intended impact of the Music curriculum and provision is that the large majority of pupils in each year group will be working at or beyond the expected level for their year group.

In addition, we expect that all pupils will have taken part in a school performance for an audience of their peers, family or the wider community.

Examples of recent musical experiences and cross-curricular themes across the school:

  1. Year 4 are learning to play the recorder.
  2. Class assemblies with singing e.g. Year2 ‘Oceans song’, Year5 ‘Planets song’.
  3. Christmas performances in school e.g. EYFS and KS1. Pupils learnt a number of songs for their plays.
  4. KS2 Carol Concert and Nativity Play.

This was performed in school to parents and a few residents from a local Care Home.  One popular performance took place at St John’s Church. It was well attended by pupils and their families.


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