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Learning in Autumn 2

Learning in Autumn 1

In Year 1, the pupils had great fun making a chair for their bear. They had to design the chair and think about which resources they needed. Some of the pupils worked independently and some decided to work in pairs.

Year 1 the pupils really enjoyed making sandwiches for their teddy bear’s picnic.

In Year 2, the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their DT pirate day. They helped solve Pirate Paddy’s packed lunch problem by creating a new lunch box meeting specific design criteria. In addition to this, they also learnt how to prepare fruit safely whilst making a healthy fruit skewer.

In Year 4, the pupils had great fun making their own buzzer games.

2020-2021 Our Learning Journey

Whole School Cooking and Nutrition Day- Spring 2020

Spring Term 2020- Design Technology at Gade Valley