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Learning in the Autumn Term

Reception have learnt about healthy eating. Pupils sorted food with high nutrition and foods with less nutrition. We talked about how we can all eat and enjoy different types of food, but some foods are better to have as occasional treats.

In Year 1, we made houses for a bear. We had to plan what our houses, what materials we wanted to use and use skills to join parts together.

In Year 2, we made lunchboxes for Pirate Paddy. We had to make sure that our lunch boxes included everything in the design criteria. We designed, made and evaluated our lunchboxes.

2022-23 -Our Learning Journey  

Learning in the Summer Term

In Year 2, the pupils have been developing the skill of sewing to create fabric faces.

Learning in the Autumn Term

In Nursery, the pupils have been exploring a variety of materials, tools and techniques to create owls.

In Year 2, the pupils have been joining materials and components in different ways in creating their own lunchboxes based on the story Pirate Paddy’s Packed Lunch Problems. 

In Year 6, the pupils have been confidently using a range of cooking techniques when following a recipe. 

2021-22 - Our Learning Journey

Learning in the Spring Term

In Reception, the pupils enjoyed listening to stories about Winnie-the-Pooh. As a result, they decided to make honey sandwiches - Pooh's favourite! The pupils had to work in pairs and listen to and follow instructions carefully. Making the sandwiches was great practise for their fine motor skills. After making the honey sandwiches, the pupils wrote a recipe in case others wanted to make them too. The children were able to write down the ingredients as well as write down a simple method. 


In Year 2, the pupils designed and made a healthy dish.  To select items, they visited a local fruit and vegetable shop to buy ingredients for their salad.  Whilst making their salad, the pupils learnt about hygiene,  how to prepare food safely and the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. 

In Year 5, the pupils designed and made marble runs. They completed some research with Year 1 pupils and asked them what they would like their marble run to have. They used this research to create designs.

In Year 6, the pupils created felt mobile phone cases. In this unit, the pupils researched various designs and thought about the design criteria for their own phone case. The pupils then used several different stitches to complete their work.  

Learning in Autumn 2

In Reception, the pupils were reading the book ‘Each peach, pear, plum’. They used simple cooking skills such as rolling, cutting and spreading to create their own jam tart. The pupils demonstrated the safe and effective use of a variety of cooking tools and equipment.

In Year 3, the pupils completed a D&T project called: “Let’s go Fly a Kite”. The pupils began by developing a design criteria and then they had to design the product to match the design criteria. The pupils used different techniques to measure, cut, shape and finish their kite to make sure that it was strong enough. They learned how to strengthen and reinforce their kite sail. To complete the project, they evaluated their own kite against the design criteria.

In Year 6, the pupils created ‘Dig for Victory’ posters. This linked to their work in History work about World War Two. As part of this unit, the pupils considered the role of the propaganda during the war.  

Open Evening DT Displays

Learning in Autumn 1

In Year 1, the pupils had great fun making a chair for their bear. They had to design the chair and think about which resources they needed. Some of the pupils worked independently and some decided to work in pairs.

Year 1 the pupils really enjoyed making sandwiches for their teddy bear’s picnic.

In Year 2, the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their DT pirate day. They helped solve Pirate Paddy’s packed lunch problem by creating a new lunch box meeting specific design criteria. In addition to this, they also learnt how to prepare fruit safely whilst making a healthy fruit skewer.

In Year 4, the pupils had great fun making their own buzzer games.

2020-2021 Our Learning Journey

Whole School Cooking and Nutrition Day- Spring 2020

Spring Term 2020- Design Technology at Gade Valley