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School Business Manager - Mrs J Calverley


"My favourite children's book is Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy. I would always read it to my children with a sense of complete understanding!"

"I have a lovely pet cat called Merlin - he is black and loves to bring me live mice to play with!"

"My super power would be to make everyone laugh at all of my jokes - Where do pencils go for their holidays?


Administrator - Mrs P Lant


"My favourite children's book is Big Mum Plum by Daniel Postgate."

"I have two dogs one called Monty who is a big springer spaniel and a new puppy called Buddy who is a Westie. Unfortunately they have swapped identities where by Monty thinks  he is a Westie and Buddy thinks he is a spaniel."

"My super power would be to try and enjoy Mrs Calverley's jokes!"