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Geography at Gade Valley Primary School

Geography Subject Leader: Mr Hakner



Curriculum Aims

At Gade Valley, our geography education is designed to inspire in pupils' curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. It encourages pupils to be explorative thinkers, building an awareness of how Geography shapes their lives and encourages them to become active citizens who have the skills and knowledge to improve the world around them.

Gade Valley strives to:

  • provide opportunities for the pupils to learn about the world that they live in including the names of oceans, rivers, capital cities etc.
  • explore the physical and human geography found at a variety of locations around the world and develop pupils' understanding of the cultures and traditions of the people that live there.
  • teach pupils to develop their geographical skills such as how to read a map and how to use an atlas.
  • provide the pupils with first hand experiences by visiting some of the locations they are learning about such as the area in which they live, Hemel Hempstead.
  • make cross-curricular links between Geography and other subjects.


How We Teach Geography

In Early Years, geography is taught via the Early Learning Goals linked to the Specific Area ‘Understanding the World’. During their time in Early Years, the pupils will listen to stories set in different locations and participate in topic led work about the world they live in.

In Years 1 – 6, geography is taught in a half-termly block of lessons. This timing of these blocks are flexible depending on the content being covered and the skills being developed. Each unit of work has been carefully written using the guidance of the National Curriculum and planned using the scheme Kapow Geography. The skills and knowledge statements, which can be found in the document below, is also used to support teacher's planning. At Gade Valley, we also exploit cross-curricular links where possible within our units. For example, many classes have linked their English, Art, D&T and many other subjects to their Geography topics. In addition, the school also has whole school initiatives such as 'Take one country' days which occurs during the Summer term. 


Our teaching of geography at Gade Valley is based upon the Gade Valley Principles of Teaching and Learning. This provides guidance for teachers to ensure that learning is effective. These include, providing clear learning goals, maximising learning time, challenging the pupils and ensuring the environment is stimulating and enhances pupil's learning. In addition, teachers will also use effective AfL (assessment for learning), both at the start of a new topic and throughout the teaching process as well as providing the pupils with practical resources such as atlases and access to the World Wide Web. Throughout Geography lessons, these principles are adhered to and this means that pupils develop the core skills from the Geography curriculum and the skills and knowledge document. 


Key Developments and Information for 2023/24

Up to March 2024, the following measurable impact includes:

  • In the 2022/2023 academic year, the large majority of pupils achieved age related expectations or above.
  • Pupil voice  has shown that children enjoy Geography and feel challenged and supported with their learning.
  • Pupils enjoyed learning about different areas of the world and how each area experiences different weather throughout the year.
  • Pupils explained that they enjoyed when Geography was linked to other areas of the curriculum such as Art and Computing.
  • Pupil voice showed that the vast majority of pupils enjoy learning about the physical features of geography such as Volcanoes and Rivers. 
  • In the Autumn term, all children visited Hudnall Park where they undertook a range of cross-curricular activities involving Geography. Year 4 and 6 pupils praised the trip saying not only did they enjoy the day, but they also developed a range of geographical skills such as map reading through orienteering, and how to use a compass accurately.
  • As part of our ongoing monitoring, the new Geography/History book will continue to be used effectively to enable the children to present their learning effectively. New marking and feedback has been introduced to support teachers when delivering lessons which is being followed effectively.
  • During the Autumn, Spring and Summer term, observations were carried out showed that teachers were following the skills and knowledge document alongside the teaching and learning principles to deliver engaging lessons linked to the National Curriculum.
  • Many classes have used their GOAL days as a way of making Geography personal and relevant to the pupils. 
  • A new scheme of work called Kapow Geography was introduced in March 2024 which will support the teaching and learning of Geography throughout the school.

To see the learning in Geography, please visit the Geography page on the Celebrating Our Curriculum section.

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