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Learning in Autumn 1

Year 1 have been looking at different materials.

We had to investigate which material would be the best to keep the bear dry. We predicted, carried out an experiment and evaluated what we had found out.

Year 2 have been finding out how animals change as they grow into adults. They created books about the life cycle of a duck.

Year 3, have been comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties.

Year 4, have been learning about electricity.

They have carried out an experiment to create static electricity.  

They have made and tested different kinds of electrical circuits.

Year 5, have been learning about Space.

They have learned the order of the planets from the Sun, researched about the different planets, researched about astronauts, explored early ideas about whether the Earth is flat and learned about how we get night and day.

Year 6, have been learning about light.

They have been carrying out scientific enquiry about how light is refracted.

Science learning journey 2020-2021

Year 2 - Minibeast habitats

The children started the topic by going on a bug hunt to investigate the different minibeasts living around our school environment.  They decided to make some mini east hotels for the Year 2 garden.  The children started by collecting logs, sticks and leaves from the woods and then put them into a plastic bottle.  When they had finished the children chose a suitable place to put their minibeast hotel.  

Years 1 - 6 took part in this years STEM Paper Engineering Challenge  - build an insect.  There were very strict rules once again, the children could only use 4 sheets of A4 paper and a pair of scissors (no glue, sellotape or staples).


The children worked in pairs and employed all their CHAMP skills during this very tricky challenge and created some amazing models.




Year 2, have been learning about everyday materials.  They explored whether paper was a good material to make a bridge and tested their designs.

Year 6 - We carried out lots experiments during or topic on Light.

Investigating Shadows

We explored how white light is made?

We discovered how reflections are made.

Year 2 - We have been learning about Animals (including Humans)

We need to except use to keep fit and healthy.

We discovered that to stay healthy we need to eat a balanced diet.

We created a human timeline.

Science Week 2020

This year Gade Valley took part in the SetPoint Paper Engineering Competition.

The children were challenged to create a 3D tree using only 4 sheets of A4 recycled paper and a pair of scissors.  They were not allowed to use glue, tape or staples.  The children showed great perseverance, motivation and confidence when experimenting with different ways to join the paper pieces.  


Spring 2020

Year 4 - Does has have a weight? We set up our own investigation and found out that gas is a material and does have a weight. The balloon we blew up with carbon dioxide was slightly heavier.

Year 6 Evolution - The children worked in pairs to design a new species of animal. They labelled all the adaptations the species had to make in order to survive in their environment.

Year 4 - Can you get the salt back from a salt water solution? Our investigation.

Year 4 - Is it a solid or a liquid?

Year 5 - Testing air-resistance. Which material makes the best parachute?

The Nursery children used their senses to investigate honey. What does it feel like? “Sticky”. What does it smell like? “Sweets.“ What does it look like? “Yellow.” What does it taste like? “Yummy!”

Year 4 Autumn 2019 - Exploring Electrical Circuits

Year 5 - Autumn 2019

Science Club 2019 - The Great Egg Challenge

Science around our school.

Children in the Nursery (Summer 2019) are experimenting with Gumy Bears. What happens when you put Gummy Breas in water? Watch this space....

Year 3 have been invetsigating bones in their bodies and creating lifesize models.


We were visited by the Night Owls – We learnt about different types of owls that live in our countryside and how we can look after them.  All owls are carnivores. We watched a display of different owls flying above our heads in the hall.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

MAD Science assembly. We learnt all about electricity.

Science week healthy eating.

Science week 2017 Exploring materials in our environment.

Science Week

Science Around Our School