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Our learning in the Autumn term

In Year 3, the children have learned to have a basic conversation in French. We have learned to say hello, goodbye, how are you, and say what our names are. They created a comic strip showing this.

Year 5 have been learning all about how to say the date in French. They have learnt how to count up to 31, how to say the days of the week and how to say the months of the year. They then put their knowledge together to be able to talk about key dates in the year.

Learning in Spring

Year 4 learnt about the items you would find in a pencil case. They learnt how to say what they have and do not have in simple sentences.


Year 5 learnt about the different rooms in their houses. They learnt how to say what they do and don't have in their homes. 

Learning in Autumn 2

In Year 3, we have been learning to name body parts in French. The pupils have written the names in French.

Year 4 have been learning habitats in French. The pupils created these posters to show how to say different habitats in French as well as plants and animals relating to those habitats.

Year 5 have been practising saying the names for different family members and putting these into sentences. Here they have written about people in their family in French.

Learning in Autumn 1

In Year 3, they have been learning different ways to say hello. The pupil's have also been asking people their names and how they are.

In Year 4, the pupils have been learning to introduce themselves by saying their name and age. 

In Year 5, the pupils have been learning the days, months and dates of the year to practise saying what the date is.

2020-21 Our Learning Journey

Year 5 have been having conversations in French to learn if their friends have a pet.

Year 4 have linked their learning in French to their History topic.

Year 3 have been learning the French words for animals.

French in our school in the Autumn term