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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Burtt

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs O'Beirne

Year 1 Non-Negotiables for Writing, Reading and Maths

Welcome Meeting

In Maths, we have been learning to double. We used counters and wrote the addition number sentence. Some of us challenged ourselves to show the multiplication number sentence as well.

In English, we had been writing how to make pancakes. We had to write the ingredients, equipment and method but the favourite part was to eat them. They were YUMMY!

In PE, the children used lots of different skills they had been learning in their previous lessons to travel across the apparatus.

The children had a great time in their scooter workshop. They learnt how to stop using the break, how to put on their safety gear and some tricks they could do.

Our GOAL Day, we had bear stories outside, we went on a bear hunt and then made our own bears using natural resources.

In our GOAL day we went on a bear hunt.

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In art, we used primary colours and mixed secondary colours to create a piece of artwork.

In computing, we pretended to be robots. We had to give precise instructions (algorithms) to make the robots move.

In Science, we were learning about different body parts. We found our own way of recording what we knew and had learnt in the lesson.

In PE, we have been learning to be rabbits and jump on and off different apparatus safely.

All dressed up for our Christmas performance. We had so much fun acting on stage and singing the songs. Thank you for coming to watch us.

We walked to the post-box and posted our letters that we had written to Santa in English.

In DT, we made our houses that we designed for a teddy bear. They had to have a roof, door and windows.

Dressing the Tree. In Year 1, we made snowmen for our decorations. They had to have a hat, scarf, arms, buttons and a carrot for their nose.

GOAL Day! The children enjoyed being outside completing a range of activities. They went on an autumn hunt, made people using leaves and sticks, leaf and bark rubbing, had biscuits and hot chocolate, made clay hedgehogs and finally sat around the campfire.

On Friday, we had Buddy Reading with Year 4.

We made Poppies for the whole school Remembrance Day display in the hall.

We had a fantastic Pirate Day. We made and ate sandwiches and biscuits and also made Mrs Burtt walk the plank!

Our Harvest song: Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Here is the Tractor.

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Our Harvest celebration song Cauliflower’s Fluffy.

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In Science, we had to create a house for the 3 pigs using materials that we thought would be suitable to stop the wolf blowing it down.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Hudnall Park. We completed many activities and they managed to last to 9.30 before asking when lunch was.

We have been learning many different skills such as how to share, problem solve, work as a team, build and make music.

Mrs O’Beirne kindly brought in her dog called Barney. We learnt that we had to be calm and quiet, ask before we stroked him and how to look after him.

In Science, we sorted materials by their properties.

In Computing, we used the mouse to help us draw pictures.

In English, we have been verbally saying our sentences and then putting them in the correct order to read the sentence.

In Maths, we have been using different resources to help us with our number bonds to 5.

We had a lovely afternoon with Year 2 celebrating Roald Dahl day. We completed lots of different activities linked to the story ‘The BFG.’

We have had a fantastic year in Year 1. All the children have shown they are true CHAMPS. We are extremely proud of them all. Thank you for all your support and the generous gifts. Have a brilliant summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in September. The chidREN enjoyed their rocket lollies.

We celebrated Bastille day by re-creating Henri Matisse art work.

Some our work displayed for Open Evening.

In Science, we carried out an experiment to see which biscuit was the best for Mr Barron to dunk in tea.

In Art, we have been learning different ways to make paper become 3D. We then used the skills we had learnt to make our ‘Trees of Life.’

We enjoyed releasing our butterflies into the wild.

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In Science, we worked in a group to show the differences between spring and summer.

Music Wow Day! We had great fun making castanets and dancing to flamenco music.

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A fantastic sports week had by us all.

We had a great time seeing the birds of prey this morning. They flew over our heads and we got to hold Dotty. We learnt lots about the different owls.

Our caterpillars have got fatter and are starting to move to the top of the pot to start to make their cooons.

In Maths, we went outside looking for 3D shapes.

We got a special delivery yesterday of caterpillars. We are excited to see what happens.

In Science, we have been looking at plants. We turned egg boxes into caterpillars and grew some grass seed.

Our TV advert for the Enterprise sale on Friday 19th May at 3.15. Come and help the bees at Year 1’s Burtty Bee stall.

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Some of our posters we designed for our Enterprise Sale.

In PSHCE, we have been learning about what makes a good friend. We made our own friendship potion.

We are all ready to celebrate the King’s Coronation in front of the parents. We thoroughly enjoyed wearing our crowns, waving our flags and singing our song for the King.

We collected natural resources from the woods to make our crowns. Look how lovely they look!

We had a fantastic time with Year 2 at the Radlett Centre watching the Smeds and the Smoos!

We enjoyed holding the ducklings. We had to be really careful and quiet so we do not frighten them.

In Art, we have been learning how to tye dye our t-shirts that we brought in from home.

Shirley spoke to us today about how to cross the road safely. We learnt that we need to Stop, Look, Listen and Think before we cross the road.

Bart Gee came to speak to us about anything is possible even when things might be difficult. We learnt how to hold a pencil using two hands and how to move across the floor when you can’t bend your legs and use your hands.

Happy Mother’s Day to our lovely mummies.

In DT, we have been looking at preparing food so we made potato salad. We loved it!

In PE, we have learning to dance around the maypole.

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GOAL Day: In the morning, we made Smeds and the Smoo’s alien biscuits, drunk pink milk, made aliens with year 2 using natural materials. In the afternoon, we completed different activities with year 2, reception and nursery. We made paper rockets, painted aliens, rockets with the bricks, alien drawings and alien faces. We had great fun!

World Book Day: we looked amazing in our costumes. Thank you for making such an effort with your costumes.

Book Day: we created our own planets, dot to dot pictures and salt dough aliens.

Book Week: we enjoyed ‘Buddy reading’ with the other classes in school.

We enjoyed using the different areas to consolidate our learning.

PSHCE: look at our lovely flowers. The leaves show the steps we need to make to reach our GOALS.

We enjoyed working outside finding graphemes we had been learning in the our phonic lessons.

GOAL DAY: GOAL DAY: We went on a honeybee fact finding hunt, we made honey sandwiches, we chalked hexagons on the playground to make a tessellated honeycomb and made our own bee hive for our garden using tin cans, toilet rolls, paper and sticks.

In English, we have been re-writing the story ‘FUNNYBONES.’ We wrote the beginning and end the same but changed what happened in the middle.

In Computing, we pretended we were robots, we had to give precise instructions to make us move across the playground.

In PSHCE, we talked about what makes a good talking partner. We had to work with our partner to decorate our welly boot.

In Science, we have been learning about how we change from a baby to an elderly person. Thank you to the mummies that came into school so we could discuss what we had learnt.

In Maths, we practised addition and subtraction sums, and forming our numbers correctly.

In English, we completed different activities to consolidate our learning.

We had lots of fun in our Christmas performance.

In English, we wrote letters to Santa. We then walked to the postbox to post them. We heard a little jingle when we posted them and saw some elves waiting to collect them.

In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract 1, 2 or 3 from a given number.

We thoroughly enjoyed the skipping workshop.

In our 'Dressing the Tree' assembly, we sang 'Little Donkey' with Year 2.

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Our Fantastic Gade Valley Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas Tree decorations. We had a triangle shape piece of card, we used green string for the pine needles, coloured string for the tinsel and pompoms for the baubles.

We have been reading ‘The Emperor’s Egg.’ We have learnt lots about the penguins habitat, what they eat and how they look after their chicks.

Today is National Friendship Day so we made friendship bands and friendship potions.

We had great fun at our circus workshop. We learnt how to juggle and spin plates.