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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Burtt

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Reeve and Miss Layman

Year 1 Non-Negotiables for Writing, Reading and Maths

Year 1 Welcome Meeting

We had a lovely trip to the Zoo. There were so many different animals to see and places to explore.

Sports Week: we have had lots of fun completing different sporting activities and we have shown the Olympic and Para-Olympic values.

In Geography, we found out facts about the four UK countries.

The pupils had a great time completing the water challenge to day. They had to work out how to get 10 litres of water from one side of the playground to the other. We worked out that some containers were better than others and it was important to pour the water carefully. We kept going for 20 minutes but only managed to get 1 very muddy litre to the other side.

In English, we have been reading the story 'The Crunching Munching Caterpillar.' We worked in groups to sequence the story,included time words and key vocabulary.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee assembly.

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We read the story The Queen’s Knickers and based our English and Maths on the book.

For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we made cakes, decorated them and then got to eat them. Even Mrs Burtt enjoyed eating hers.

In Music, we played instruments to the rhythm of the song.

In DT, we used levers and pivots to help Jack climb up the beanstalk.

Goal Day: Year 1 found a letter in the woods, it was from the giant. He needed help to get back to his castle because Jack had chopped it down. We used sticks and wool to make a ladder but we didn't think it would be strong enough so we planted some beans and sunflowers for the giant. We also drew pictures of what we thought the giant might look like.  

In English, we have been re-writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We also had to make front covers for our books.

On Thursday we got to hold the ducklings. We thought they were cute, fluffy, fast in the water, tickly and lovely. They made us feel happy and excited.

On Tuesday, we walked to Pizza Express in town. We learnt about how Margarita Pizzas got their name, what ingredients are used, we became pizza chefs and best of all we got to take a pizza home to share with our family.

We enjoyed reading our books during DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)

In phonics, we had to find real and nonsense words using the digraphs we had learnt in the week.

In DT, we looked at different books. We had to find if anything moved in the book and how they moved.

This week we found an egg in the woods. In English, we wrote stories about why and what it could be. Then on Friday the eggs hatched and left lots of chocolate.

Look what hatched in the classroom 🐣🐥

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In English, we have been writing poems about our Mums for Mother’s Day.

In Computing, we have been using the Beebots to learn about algorithms and de-bugging.

In Art, we used elastic bands and different equipment to tie into knots on the material and then placed into the colour dye we had chosen.

In PE, we have been using ribbons to make a dance routine up.

GOAL Day: Something strange happened in our playground today. What could it be?

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GOAL Day: We had a visit from something from outer space. We had a great day with all the different activities we completed throughout the day.

In maths we have been using different resources to make an analogue clock.

In English, we wrote invitations, recipe that included the ingredients, equipment and method and we had to include imperative verbs. Then on Friday we got to make and eat them. Yum!

We had our own storyteller for Word Book day.

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World Book Day in Year 1.

In History, we are looking at inspirational people. We learnt about Mae Jamison and how she persevered to reach her dreams.

In Computing, we had to follow the bee-bot directions.

In e-safety week we discussed how to stay safe on-line and who talk to.

We have been independently practising and applying our phonics to make and write words.

In Science, we drew and labelled the different parts of the body.

In Art, we had to roll and pinch the clay to make a sculpture.

In music we have been learning about the rhythm in the song ‘In The Way We Walk’.

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In Art, we were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy to create our own land art.

In PE, we had to change our bodies to make different shapes and positions.

We would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you back in 2022.

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In DT, we have been rolling, joining, sticking and creating snowmen, angels and Santa’s.

In Maths, we had to work as a team to make a snowman then roll the dice to be able to stick the correct accessories.

Thank you for coming to watch our play.

We used clay and different materials to make snowmen for ‘Dress the Tree.’

In English, we wrote letters to Father Christmas and then we walked to the postbox to post them. We heard the Elf’s bells when the letter dropped into the box.

In Maths, we completed a variety of activities to consolidate our learning.

In Maths, we ordered penguins and used the words ‘shortest and tallest’ to verbally describe what order we had put them in.

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Diwali. We had to learn a new dance and put ribbons on our hands to show the fireworks.

In Art, we celebrated Diwali. We made clay hands and decorated them, we used 2D shapes and powder paint to make rangoli patterns.

In Maths, we were counting in 2’s we also made group of 2’s. As a challenge, we wrote the number sentence.

In Science, we had to answer the question ‘What would be the best material to make an umbrella for the bear? We carried out an investigation to find an answer to the question. We found out that the cling film and plastic bag would be the best.

In DT, we made our chairs for our bears. We had to choose the equipment we needed and work out how we could join the parts together. We worked on our own or with a partner.

In Science, we chose the items we thought were waterproof. We then carried out an investigation to see if we were right.

In DT, we made sandwiches for our tea party.

We invited the bears to join us at our ‘Tea Party’ and they helped us to eat the sandwiches and cakes we had made.

We had a lovely time on our trip to Hudnall Park. We made sculptures, a mouse house and habitats for other woodland animals. We also saw a video of a badger who had visited the woods.

In English, we re-wrote the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In Maths, we have been solving subtraction sums.

In Science, we went on a material hunt around the school.

Well done for receiving CHAMP and Handwriting certificate.

In PSHE, we talked about what makes us feel safe.

In Maths, we have been learning to write our numbers and order them.

Well done for receiving the Handwriting and CHAMP of the week certificate and for working hard in PE.

We have had great fun learning this week.

Our Learning Journey 2020/2021


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Well done to the children for receiving their certificates this week.

Well done to the children for receiving their certificates in recognition of their dedication to the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

We had great fun in Sport’s Week. We showed all of our CHAMP qualities.

We were very excited today because our caterpillars hatched so we released them.

Butterflies being released.

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We worked together to make a boat, a house and seesaws using the building bricks.

Today’s running races. They were all true CHAMPs. Well done!

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Relay race.

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Well done to the children who received their certificates for reading, CHAMP of the week, handwriting and 100 housepoints.

In English, we went outside to write our own caterpillar story. We then made front covers.

In Maths, we have been using equipment to make groups of 5’s and sharing equal amounts.

Well done to the children who received their certificates this week for Handwriting, CHAMP, 100 House points and reading.

In Maths, we have been sorting odd and even numbers and counting in 2’s.

In English, we have been reading the story Olga da Polga by Michael Bond. We used non-fiction books to find facts about guinea pigs, made a fact poster, we used adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe her, we used alliteration to describe what food she eats and we wrote a farewell letter from the other guinea pigs to help her with her move to her new home.

Well done for receiving your certificates this week and the Wonka bar.

In Art, we went outside to do observational drawings of plants.

Well done to the children who received their certificates this week and for winning the Wonka.

Today the weather was so nice so we completed our maths outside. We had to find 2-digit numbers, write numbers, use rulers and cubes to measure objects, puzzles and capacity.

In maths, we have been learning about capacity. We had to find empty, half-full and full. We also made magic potions and had to see how many millilitres each potion was.

Well done to the children who received their certificates this week for reading, handwriting, CHAMP and 100 house points.

In English, we re-wrote the Tiger Who came Tea. In Maths, we made sandwiches to show half and quarter.

We decided to have a go at writing our own version of the Tiger Who Came to Tea at home. We had a penguin, dragon and rabbit instead of a tiger.

We enjoyed having our tea party. We ate our sandwiches, we had cakes and biscuits.

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Well done to children who received their certificates this week.

We had great fun making our pizzas today and are looking forward to eating them. We talked about the ingredients and where they came from.

In English, we wrote a shopping list and a set of instructions for our pizzas.

In Maths, we have been learning to identify different coins.

In DT, we learnt about levers and pivots. We drew and beanstalk and made the giant or Jack look like they were coming down the beanstalk.