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Parent Comments

Some of the positive comments we have received from parents and carers:

 Celebration Evening November 2023 


 “It was really lovely to see my child’s work and what she’s been up too. She was so happy and excited to     show us.”


  “Was a great opportunity to see the school and what the children have been doing.”


 “Absolutely fantastic school.”


 “We really enjoyed seeing all the children’s work.”


 “The school is a very well run unit. And it has a happy vibe to it aswell and I the school always makes you    feel welcome at all times and the teachers are polite and happy.”


 “Lovely school environment, great to see work from across the curriculum.”


 “It was lovely to look around the classroom. My son was very proud and happy to show us his work.”


 "It was a fascinating experience to see the very beautiful and unique works in each class."


 “I can’t say enough positive things. I am so happy with everything this school does for my daughter. She    is happy and enjoys going in and her development has been amazing. Both academically and socially.”

Celebration Evening July 2023


"It was lovely to see a range of work from the children across the years. Thank you for sharing."


"It always lovely to come to the school and spend some time with kids and the teachers. Thank you!"


"It's always lovely to have a chance to see the childrens work. Myself and my husband and our boys really enjoyed it. I was particularly taken by Mrs Bankoles' clay owl :)."


"It was great to see Ronnie's hard work and development over the past year. It was actually even better to see how happy and settled he is in the Gade Valley environment. He will miss his Reception class but he also seems very keen to move in to Year 1 and explore everything that has to offer. A highlight of the Celebration Evening, as a parent, was being able to read Ronnie's stories he wrote in his book. Very proud dad! Thank you!"


"I really couldn't make this but have donated to collect my child's art pieces which is a fantastic idea hopefully much needed donations for our school thank you."


"Really lovely to be able to see my child’s work and to have a chance to go in to his new classroom too. Thank you!"


"It is a real pleasure to see the work of the children, otherwise we do not get a glimpse into their life at school (our child does not tell us anything lol)."


"Was nice to see the children’s work and also the classroom and teacher they are moving onto in September."


"I really enjoy these evenings, it keeps me up to date with my children's work and they love showing me and explaining what the work is about. It is also excellent to get to speak with the staff at Gade Valley."


"Lovely to see the children’s work and photos of activities over the year."


"Loved seeing our daughters' classrooms and all the gorgeous artwork. Also enjoyed meeting their new teachers."


"We're happy to donate more for future artwork. Thank you teachers and admin staff for all your support, skill and patience this year!"


"We liked seeing the display in the hall and looking through our child's book in their class and seeing the next year up work."


"Fantastic event, great to see all the fabulous work."


"It was lovely to be able to look around the school and see a selection of work. It was also nice to have a piece to take away too."


"Love the school it's so friendly and welcoming and the school has a very good structure to."


"Was lovely to see all the children’s work displayed so nicely and not just on the walls but hanging from the ceiling and out on the tables. Loved that we got to buy their art such a fantastic idea. We all had a fantastic time. Especially Stanley who was very proud of his work."


"Arthur was so happy showing us around. He was so proud of his school and his work. It was great to see so many happy friendly faces. Great team! Well done and Thank you Mr Barron, Jenny and everyone involved!"


"It was a lovely event. It's great to see iur children's work and they loved showing us around the classrooms. The art exhibition was a very nice touch and they were proud to take their pictures home. Thank you to all staff at Gade Valley!"


"I loved seeing how proud my children were of their work."


"Lovely to get to see the classroom and the work."


"Lovely to see their work and the kids always love showing us parents around."




Celebration Evening  – November 2021


“Nursery was brilliant.”


“It was great to see our children's work, and to have the opportunity to see other classrooms.”


“They were really proud to show us round and had heard about things in other rooms that they wanted to try out. The school does a great job of making them want to show off their learning in a positive way.”


“Friendly environment, school looked great with artwork.”


“Fantastic displays in all the classrooms, lovely to see students so positive about their learning and proud of their work. Thank you to teachers and staff for giving up their time to run the evening, it was much appreciated.”


“Brilliant learning techniques and skills.”


“It was brilliant being able to see my son’s work and his classroom setting properly.”


“Was lovely to have the opportunity to look at the whole school, not just my children’s classrooms.”


“All fantastic.”


“It was lovely to see all of the work they have been doing. It was nice for the children to also see what classrooms they will be in next year and the work they will be doing, and feel excited for the following year. It was also lovely to have their teachers in the classrooms, welcoming everyone and discussing things with parents and children.”


“We enjoyed seeing our son’s work and his learning environment. He really enjoyed showing us around.”


“Great to see such wonderful work!”


“We were delighted that after over a year of being at Gade Valley our daughter was able to show us around. However she did want to show us the cafeteria which was just one thing she wasn’t happy about as it was closed! On the other hand we went into every class from reception to year 6 and I can honestly say we were shocked with the amazing displays, great class work, team work efforts and general state of the school. Well done Gade valley


The year 2 classroom was beautifully presented and every display was so lovely to look at.”

Parent and carer comments from the 2020-21 academic year.


"Thank you for organising lovely trips for Year 1."


"I cannot thank you all enough for your kind support, to both myself and my son, he has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Gade Valley School and he loves coming to school every day - Thank you!


"My son has had a great first year and cannot wait for next year."


"Thank you to all the teachers, my child has learnt so much over the years."

"Thank you to all the teachers for their had work."


"As parents of two children already at Gade Valley and one coming in September - we have seen so much to inspire confidence in our children being here.  The quality of teaching is lovely, with emphasis not just on good results but on growing in confidence and developing into capable and happy children.  The staff, teachers and assistants have all given us so much kindness and consideration, nothing seems to be too much trouble.  Our boys are so happy coming to school every day!"


"What a wonderful year my son has had.  His teacher has been fantastic and very supportive and caring of the children in the class.  We could not be more pleased with everything the school has done and all the opportunities the children have received.  Many, many thanks."


"My children have improved so much this year, and are looking forward to next year."


"Gade Valley School provides such a caring environment for the children, as they absolutely love gong to school."


"Loved the Celebration Evening in July, it was fantastic to share the children's work and their achievements throughout the year.  Thank you for all your hard work."

Our pupils, parents and staff created WordArt Walls as part of our 100th Newsletter. 

Parent comments from 2016/2017


Gade Valley continues to go from strength to strength.  The school has a lovely friendly helpful feeling about it, and my daughter loves coming here.


I really love this school and can't wait to go up to Year 6 and on!


Well done to all the staff for another successful year.  Credit to everyone for their hard work and open and supportive attitude to children and families.


We are so pleased with the education our son has received this year.  We couldn't have asked for a better start to his schooling.


Thank you to all the staff for being so wonderful.  Both my girls have gone from strength to strength. You have made some fantastic improvements over the last few years. Thank you.


Nursery - Thank you for all the help and hard work. My son has really enjoyed learning and playing and has come along very well.  He loves singing all the songs that help him with his phonics.  We look forward to learning along side the children in the Reception class next year. Thanks again to all at Gade Valley School.

Please find below some of the positive comments we have received from our parents during 2015/2016.



I am really pleased that Gade Valley still has a swimming pool and the children have so much fun and importantly are learning a life lesson.  Children always seem very happy and content which does help with their learning – Thank you!


Receiving texts to tell us about positive things our children have been doing is brilliant.  Sometimes the children forget to tell us all the things they have been up to in school so the texts, newsletters and class updates are brilliant.  Well done!



Gade Valley is a great school. I am very pleased with my child’s progress at Gade Valley.

I think Gade Valley is a great primary school, which is well run with friendly staff.



The school is headed in a great direction, good enthusiastic staff, great feeling around the school, my children love it here!  Thank you.



My child has really enjoyed coming to Gade Valley because the teachers are really nice and they make her happy.  She also thinks the dinner ladies are kind and the cooks always make sure she is OK – thank you!



Great improvements in the school over the past year!  Well done everyone.



The school looks great, my child has enjoyed many aspects of their learning this year (especially Greek day).  I would like more feedback on progression tests taken throughout the year.



We love the weekly Newsletter and have enjoyed watching the fantastic progress / growth. 



Very pleased with the changes that have been made at Gade Valley over the last 12 months, my children progress has improved with the new ways in Learning and Teaching.



I am very pleased with how the school is moving in such a positive way.




Very happy with my child’s progress this year.  Thanks to all the teachers, teaching assistants and staff (office, kitchen).



I am really pleased with my child’s progress, the communication, and all the staff are very approachable.  Thank you for all your hard work.




Thank you for running so many after school clubs.



I love this school and its staff.  My children love attending and are happy. So many improvements made this year, hugely noticeable.




My child finds school fun and is always keen to share his learning. It is lovely to see a clear improvement from a year ago.



My child loves coming to school.  I believe Gade Valley is constantly improving and does the best for its pupils.



We have seen positive changes in the school culture, and an improvement in educational focus over recent years – pupils seem to be more engaged in general, and the teaching staff seem to be challenging pupils more effectively (and to be enjoying their work more!).