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The Gade Valley Experience

By the time a pupil leaves Gade Valley, they will have had the opportunity to:


  • Sit around a campfire

  • Help care for animals in the school

  • Swim in an outdoor pool

  • Perform on stage

  • Learn a new language

  • Sleep at least one night away from school with their class

  • Represent the school in a sporting event

  • Join a school club

  • Hold a position of responsibility in the school

  • Learn in the woods

  • Have a Teddy Bear’s picnic

  • Grow and cook food

  • Read with different children in the school

  • Dress up as a book character

  • Perform at a local church

  • Support a charity

  • Learn to cycle safely

  • Learn an instrument

  • Run an enterprise sale

  • See a performance in a theatre

  • Go on exciting educational trips

  • Meet an author

  • Programme a computer game

  • Plant a tree

  • Learn basic first aid

  • Run a mile

  • Meet a local MP

  • See their teacher get a pie in the face!