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Welcome to Year 4!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Clark
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Happe

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To kick start sports week, Year 4 participated with other local schools in the DSSN games at Laureate School. This consisted of a carousel of fun sports activities, such as: football, golf, archery, badminton, quidditch and hockey. The pupils used all of their CHAMP skills when completing the games and demonstrated wonderful sportsmanship qualities.

In science, our new topic is Living Things and their Habitats. We have started to create our own dioramas using paint, 3D effects and colour immersion.

This week we were inspired by the artist Magdalene Oduno. We used chalk to plan our bee habitats, which will be the basis of our final piece. We took our learning outside to develop our ideas.

This week, the pupils have been consolidating their times tables knowledge through a variety of games and challenges. They have been playing Times Tables Rockstars, maths quizzes, Lego maths and pick a number games to multiply by.

Hazard Alley is a safety centre dedicated to saving lives. The pupils enjoyed an immersive, experiential learning experience. They were motivated and confident when engaged in life sized scenarios such as: fire safety, internet safety, water safety, personal safety and first aid, to name a few.

PE fractions: This week, Year 4 have been enjoying the glorious sunshine and inventing their own workouts. They used their knowledge of fractions to determine how many exercises their peers should do. It was lots of fun.

This week in science, we have been learning about the digestive system and its functions. The pupils used everyday items to replicate how the various digestive organs work.

In this high-octane percussion activity, the pupils had the opportunity to create their own unique rhythm and dances. The workshop encompassed musicality and movement combined. Year 4 were attentive and motivated while they learned how to make their own STOMP style routines individually and collaboratively as part of a group.

In English, Year 4 are writing autobiographical fantasy stories. To enhance our story telling we have created individual dioramas depicting the different settings that the pupils plan to write about. Some pupils created an enchanted, magical and eerie forest. Some pupils created a mystical and ancient citadel. Others created a dark, scary and malevolent cemetery with a portal to a luminous and alluring castle.

In maths, Year 4 have been playing times tables tennis! They have been working in pairs, to compete consecutive shots to consolidate our times tables fluency. The pupils enjoyed engaging in mathematical rallies and challenged themselves by using stop watches to beat their recall times.

For PSHCE this week, we have been putting on our positive thinking caps! The pupils were thinking about a variety of coping strategies to use when faced with adversity. They discussed different methods such as: box breathing, speaking to an adult, taking notice, getting outside, reading, affirmations and connecting with friends. We incorporated the 5 ways to Wellbeing and the Zones of Regulation.

GOAL Day- Year 4 had lots of fun today. We played venn maths classification games and hide and seek in the woods. The pupils were all attentive and motivated learning CHAMPs.

The pupils looked absolutely fantastic for World Book Day! We thoroughly enjoyed all of the days activities and participating in the World Book Day parade.

Our new topic in science is Scientist and Inventors. This week, we have enjoyed learning all about the Primatologist 'Jane Goodall.'

In P.E, we have had a lot of fun performing tuck, pike and cat leaps for our gymnastics topic!

We had lots of fun during the skateboarding workshop. We learnt how to ride, jump and perform tricks. It was challenging but Year 4 were perseverant and worked well to help each other.

We had a fantastic trip to the Roald Dahl Museum and learnt lots of strategies to implement in our creative writing.

In DT, we have been looking at mechanical systems. The pupils have been motivated when making a slingshot car. We raced our cars to see which ones had the least air resistance.

Our topic in computing is 'Programming A.' We learnt how to accuratley code a sequence of letters. The pupils were attentive and motivated.

We used our We Read book 'The Explorer' as inspiration for our GOAL Day. The pupils' learnt how survive in the wild. We thought about what type of food we might have to forage for if we found ourselves in the Amazon Rainforest, how to make a shelter and how to safely build a fire. We had lots of fun!

In French this week, Year 4 have been learning the different weather phrases. The pupils made up their own 'weather raps' and performed in a 'Britains Got Talent' style competition.

This week, in English the pupils have been writing and performing a Christmas riddle.

Year 4 used a range of materials, to test which one was the best for soundproofing. They tested: foil, paper, paper towels and cloth. They made sure that their investigation was fair by only changing one variable (the materials) the dependent variable was the amount of sound that they could hear. We ensured that the test was fair by using the same range of sound. We found that tin foil was the best for soundproofing and surmised that this was because the vibrations bounced off the foil and that the material was not permeable.

This week, we have used our creative flare to make Christmas windows. The pupils were attentive and motivated when designing their special decorations.

In science this week, we investigated how surface area affects the volume of sound. We made paper cones to test our hypothesis that the larger the cone, the bigger the volume. We took our learning outside and found that our predictions were correct.

In P.S.H.C.E, for Anti-Bullying week, we have been discussing what bullying is. We investigated the different types of bullying, how to recognize them, what to do if we experience bullying and who we should talk to. Each year Anti-Bullying week has a different theme to raise awareness. This year the theme was ‘odd socks.’ We designed and decorated a pair of socks in our own personal style. It was a fun activity for an important issue.

Our new topic in science is 'Sound'. This week, we have been investigating how sounds are made! We used different musical instruments to associate different sounds with something vibrating. Then, we conducted a 'sound walk' in the school. We observed and logged which parts of the school were the loudest and which areas were the quietest!

This week, Year 4 have been counting fractions on a number line. The pupils enjoyed working collaboratively to deepen their understanding.

Year 4 really enjoyed performing their harvest song - The Harvest Samba

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Year 4 have enjoyed singing along with the rest of the school, to celebrate Harvest Festival!

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Year 4 have enjoyed singing along with the rest of the school, to celebrate Harvest Festival!

We have had a fantastic day at Hudnall Park. The pupils were attentive when making their journey sticks, perseverant when orienteering, helpful throughout the day and confident when working as a team!

This week we have been learning how to estimate and calculate lengths of measurement. We took our lesson outside and had lots of fun!

In our French lessons this week, we have been learning how to count to 20. We then made our own mathmatical games, by throwing the dice and using the four operations to answer questions in French.

In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply and add. We played a bowling game to set our calculation out. It was lots of fun.

In DT, we have been connecting series and parallel circuits.

Welcome to our Year 4 page. This week, the children have all settled back into school with full enthusiasm and gusto! As you can see, we have certainly been enjoying the wonderful weather. In P.S.H.C.E, the pupils have been learning about team building, with a focus on how to be a good 'team player'. They worked collaboratively to develop a variety of strategies which would encourage and help each other.

Year 4 Curriculum letter Spring 1

Year 4 Curriculum Letter Summer 1

Year 4 Curriculum Letter Summer 2

Year 4, have been extremely enthusiastic and true learning CHAMPS! So, to celebrate the end of the year we had ice -lollies on the field and played a variety of games, including designing our own obstacle courses. I have really enjoyed teaching Year 4 and seeing them all grow. Thank you for your generous gifts and kind words. I hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and make amazing memories with your families.

In DT, we have designed and made our own bread. We were attentive, perseverant and exceptionally enthusiastic!

Year 4, had an amazing day at the Verulamium Museum today. We learnt all about the town of Verulamium and the Roman way of life. The pupils' held artefacts, played traditional Roman games, dressed up in togas and learnt about the 2,000 year old mosaics.

Year 4, have had a fun-packed Sports Week. The pupils' have shown great confidence, determination and displayed amazing Olympic and Paralympic Values.

Today, Year 4 have been working collaboratively to plot coordinates on a grid.

To celebrate Women in History, Year 4 have been learning about Mary Seacole. We discussed how she used traditional herbal remedies to cure sick soldiers in the Crimean War. We then went outside and found our own medicinal plants.

Outdoor Learning! We have been taking our Maths lessons into the play area. We were attentive and perseverant when learning how to measure items in the playground!

Year 4's Doggy Delicacies - delicious treats for your furry friends!

Year 4's Doggy Delicacies! Homemade, healthy treats for your furry friends.

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Our topic in French is ' Les Fruits.' This week, Year 4 have been confident and attentive when discussing which fruits they like and dislike.

We have had a fantastic time this week, celebrating the Kings Coronation. Year 4, have participated in lots of activities including: making collaborative artwork, collages, nature crowns and commemorative writing.

This week in Science, Year 4 have been looking at different types of teeth and their functions.

We have been continuing with our topic of 'resilience' in P.S.H.C.E. We have been discussing how our inner voice can be a powerful positive tool and speaking kindly to ourselves can help our wellbeing. The pupils came up with their own slogans and presented them to the class.

Well done to Year 4 and Year 3, on their stellar perfomance in our production of Jack and The Beanstalk. The children were confident, perseverant and worked really hard to deliver an amazing show. They were absolutely fantastic!

We had a wonderful afternoon, at our science and music workshop yesterday. The children played the WOOFYT, which is the wooden instrument you can see in the images. It works by pumping air through various compartments to create different pitch and tone. It mimics the engineering and sound of an organ.

In History, we have continued with our Anglo-Saxon topic. The pupils were motivated and attentive when making their Sutton-Hoo helmets.

This week in P.S.H.C.E, we have been discussing how to be resilient and what it means to be brave. The pupils made 'bravery' cups. We discussed different scenarios, where they have had to be brave and how they overcame their fears. We added these to our bravery cups.

The children had a fantastic day for World Book Day, there were lots of exciting activities and we even had a special V.I.P guest during our assembly.

What a fantastic first week back! Year 4 have enjoyed learning about the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots as part of our new History unit.

This week is national 'Feel Good week.' Year 4 have been discussing different emotions, why we have them and how to navigate 'difficult' emotions. We worked collaborativley to design our own posters with different strategies to 'Feel Good!'

This week in Math's, the pupils have been learning about fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions. Today, Year 4 enjoyed playing an interactive game to find fractions of money.

In Geography the pupils have been learning about The Water Cycle. We have been ivestigating precipitation and condensation. We learned about different types of clouds and how to identify nimbus, cirrus and altocumulus clouds.

Year 4 Curriculum letter Autumn 2

Year 4 Non-Negotiables for Writing, Reading and Maths

Year 4 Welcome Meeting

This week in Math's, Year 4 have enjoyed playing place value games, which have helped the pupils to develop their teamwork, fluency and reasoning skills.

KS2 Lantern Festival

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In computing we have been investigating 'Creating Media.' The children have made thier own podcasts, we have added jingles and thought about the digital components requireed for a good podcast.

We sang Rocking around the Christmas Tree and added some of our own dance moves.

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Our wonderful Christmas Tree- Year 4 created festive Robin decorations which looked absolutely amazing.

Year 4 have had a wonderful day learning all about the Ancient Greeks and Greek Mythology. We have compared the lives of Athenian and Spartan children, made laurel wreaths, designed Greek Pottery using the Greek alphabet and tasted food from this period of history.

Today, Year 4 have been looking for patterns between the pitch and volume of a sound and the shape of the wave it produces.

Today, Year 4 joined the Circus! We were perseverant and throughly enjoyed developing our spectacular cirucus skills.

Year 4 have created their own clay masterpieces in the style of contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

This week, Year 4 have been exploring the artwork of Orla Keily, and have started to produce their own work in her unique style.

Harvest Festival- We sang Harvest Samba with Year 3.

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In Science we have been learning about Electricity.

The children made their own switches and connected them to bulbs. We then investigated the affect a switch has on a bulb when the switch is  open or closed.

Year 4 have had a fantastic day at Hudnall Park! The day started with making journey sticks, and learning how to read bearings on a compass. After lunch, Year 4 enjoyed group activities and orienteering

Year 4 have had a fantastic day at Hudnall Park! The day started with making journey sticks, and learning how to read bearings on a compass. After lunch, Year 4 enjoyed group activities and orienteering.

This week, Year 4 have been exploring climate in the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and contrasting weather in these regions with the weather in the U.K. All of the children had the opportunity to produce their own weather report.

This week, Year 4 have been learning how to construct an electrical circuit. We focused on how to work safely with electricity, how to choose the appropriate equipment, and how to construct the circuit.

Our Learning Journey 2021-2022

This week the children have been working really hard in their groups for our DT project the Great British Bake Off. All the children really impressed me with how hard they worked and with the quality of the work they produce. Here are a few pictures from our bread making.

Year 4 have really enjoyed competing in sports week. They have all shown brilliant Olympic and Gade Valley values and should be proud of themselves.

Year 4 have enjoyed learning all about water for science day. They worked well together to complete the water pipeline challenge where they had to transport water from one side of the playground to the other using a variety of items. They also explored what happens when water mixes with skittles.

This week in Year 4 we have begun our learning about The Romans. We learnt that they are famous for creating intricate pictures called mosaics using small square tiles. We were inspired to create our own Roman mosaics.

Year 4’s Jubilee video

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This week in Maths we have taken our learning outdoors. The children have been learning about ordering decimals. They generated their numbers by completing long jumps and then ordered and compared their results.

Year 4 had great fun during their GOAL day this week. The children explored shape, wrote instruction for a new game and even visited Gadebridge park to explore settlements.

This week we have been visited by baby ducklings! We enjoyed spending time with them, watching them waddle around our classroom and even holding them. Below are a few pictures of our time with them.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears- We really enjoyed performing the play. Here are some pictures of the performance.

Go Outside And Learn - Survival. Year 4 had a fantastic day learning outside today. We were imagining we had been stranded on a desert island and had to survive. We learnt about the things we needed to survive including food, water and shelter. Below are some pictures from our day.