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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Our Class Teacher is Mr Hakner
Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bankole and Miss Heritage. 



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Riddles in the Dark

This week the children have had great fun learning to write riddles. We read the chapter 'Riddles in the Dark' from The Hobbit and then had our own competition between Bilbo and Gollum. Below are some of the children's riddles. Can you solve them?


I whirl past the streets,

over ground and under ground,

gears turning hear me shriek,

don't fall in my path or you will not return.

What am I?

(Jackson and Kasey)


I have a mouth but I don't speak,

I have fingers that I don't move,

I hide in my box in the summer and come out in the winter.

What am I?

(Poppy and Cooper)


I dark but dead by night,

I follow you to give me a fright,

You can never break me,

and never make me.

What am I?

(Isabella and Logan R)

The Science of Sound

This week the children have been learning about how we hear sound. They have used what they have learnt to create their own programmes entitled 'The Science of Sound'. Below is an example of one of our programmes. 

Science of Sound

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Diwali Dance Workshop

This week the children were taught a fantastic Diwali dance. The class worked really hard to learn all the different steps and really enjoyed themselves. Below are a few photos from the session.

Hudnall Park

This week Year 4 went on a fantastic trip to Hundall Park. The children (and adults) learnt a range of map reading skills including how to read a compass, how to create a journey stick and even how to make your own compass using the sun. All the children really enjoyed the day and were attentive and motivated throughout the day. 

Growth Mindset Workshop

This week the children took part in a Growth mindset workshop. Ian, who ran the workshop, and I were extremely impressed by the fantastic attitude the children demonstrated. In the session the children were shown how to draw Gromit using Ian's picture and instructions to help. They were encouraged to learn from their mistakes and persevere when they found the task challenging. Here is their finished artwork.

Maths treasure hunting

This week the children took their learning outside. They had to use their ability to add and subtract 10s, 100s and 1000s to solve a series of clues which had been hidden in the woodland. The children showed a great understanding and really enjoyed their time outside. 

Super Scientists

This week the children have been learning all about static electricity. They learnt how it is caused and then completed a range of experiments to see it in action. Here our a couple of our class professors with 2 of our favourite experiments.

Floating tissue paper

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Water bending

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Wow what a fantastic start to Year 4! The children have worked hard and have settled in really well. This week they have been creating wanted posters and bandit nicknames for themselves. Here are some of their pictures.

Goodbye from Mr Hakner and Mrs Reeve

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St Alban's Museum

The children had a brilliant day today at St Alban's Museum learning all about the history of the Romans in Britain. All the children were a attentive and motivated and were a credit to the school. Below are a selection of pictures of our time at the museum as well as some of the children enjoying the path afterwards. 

The Romans

This week the children having been having lots of fun making edible Roman roads using chocolate, custard and biscuits. Below is a selection of pictures of the children working together to make their Roman roads as well as some instructions they created to go with them.

Sports Week 2021

I have been really impressed with the children this week. They have all shown fantastic sportsmanship and the CHAMP qualities. It has been lovely to hear them cheering for each other. 

Sports day 2021- Year 4 Flat Races

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Year 4 Relay Race

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Year 4 Middle Distance Run

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Summer 2


This week, the children have been enjoying the return of swimming at Gade Valley. I have been impressed by the children's ability and attitude during these sessions. 


Additionally, the children have been creating work based on the classic children's tale Charlotte's Web. On Friday they created Kenning Poem and performed them to the rest of the class. 

Kenning Poems

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Summer 1

This week the children have been working hard recording their class assembly. They all did a fantastic job. Here are the children singing ‘Lean on me’ as part of our assembly.

Lean on me

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This week we have been investigating area and perimeter in Maths. The children have been measuring objects on our playground and calculating their area and perimeter.

In addition to our Maths learning, we have also been learning about the city of Pompeii as part of our Roman topic. The children have been creating their own Mount Vesuvius.

This week the children have begun learning about the Roman Empire. They have learnt all about Roman Mosaics and were inspired to create their own ones.

Spring 2
This week the children have continued their learning about 'The secret sky garden' and we were inspired to create our own kites. 
The children have also continued to care and water their sunflowers which are getting bigger everyday.

What an exciting 1st week back we have had. The children have been busy learning about the book 'The secret sky garden'. 

In Literacy they have created posters to encourage people to look after our environment. 

In Science and DT we have been busy planting sunflower seeds and creating grassheads. 
We have also created our own secret sky garden above our heads using flowers that we made from coloured napkins. 

We have been having fun developing our orienteering skills.

In English, we have been writing diary entries about our school day.

In PE we played boccia. The aim of the game is to get your balls as close to the yellow target as you can. Each colour has a different point. red 1, blue 5 and yellow 10. The children worked really well in their teams!

Welcome to our Year 4 Class Assembly!

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Guided Reading

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Once Upon a Time

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Take 5

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PE - running skills

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PE - football skills

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PE - tennis skills

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PE - basketball skills

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Our topic this half term is All Around the World. We enjoyed researching different countries and creating fact files about them.

In Art, we have been researching animals around the world. We created a collaborative piece of a lion focussing on colour and we have drawn animals with the focus of symmetry, proportion as well as light & dark areas.

In computing, we enjoyed creating our own personal wordles about our school.

We have been great mathematicians, adding and subtracting multiples of 10,100 and 1000 as well as counting in multiples of 25.

In English, we have been reading the story Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and have enjoyed writing our own mindfulness poems inspired by the poem ‘A Love Letter To The Stars’.

Our learning journey for 2019/2020

For World Book Day, we designed a new front cover for our some of our favourite books.

We had great fun participating at a speed stacking event.

In Science the children have been learning to use thermometers to take the temperature and record their findings accurately.

In P.E, we have been learning different types of dance from around the world. This week, we have been learning the Haka .

We had fun identifying birds in our local area for Birdwatch Day. We researched and made fact files for some of the birds we saw.

We made posters to promote awareness for E-Safety Week!

This week we have been learning to make sequences in gymnastics. We had to include a starting position, two rolls, three jumps, two balances and an ending.

This week we have been writing an explanation of how the Water Cycle works. We worked really hard on our presentation.

For homework, the children produced posters explaining how the Water Cycle works. We are really impressed by the quality of their work and proud of how much effort they have put in.

We have been working hard adding and subtracting numbers with 10,100 and 1000. We are proud of our achievements.

This week we have started our new topic 'States of Matter'. We have been learning about the structure in a solid, liquid and a gas.

We had great fun this week thinking about who inspires us and who are our heroes. We enjoyed creating colourful posters about them.

We had great fun making our tree decorations for our Dress the Tree Assembly.

In maths, We have been working hard adding and subtracting fractions as well as finding equivalent fractions. We also challenged ourselves to convert improper fractions to mixed fractions. We are proud of our achievements.

We had a fantastic time learning new skills during our skipping workshop.

For 'Take One Country', we have made trinket bowls inspired by Greek geometric patterns.

We had fun sharing a book with other children during Buddy Reading today!

This week, we have been learning to tell the time to the minute. We made analogue clocks to helps us.

Look at some of our super maths! We have been very confident at solving subtraction sums this week. We are very proud of ourselves!

We had great fun creating our 'Growth Mindset' comic strips about our experiences on facing challenges and overcoming them.

In Computing and Topic, we had a go at creating a report on our chosen countries. We loved writing and finding out lots of interesting facts.

In maths, we have been learning to solve addition sums using the compact column method and the expanded written method. We are proud of ourselves for our hard work and perseverance.

This week we have started our new topic 'All Around the World'. We each chose a country to research and drew flags that represent the countries. Here are some we created.

Our journey from last year.

This week, we have been drawing on our own knowledge about the digestive system. We mind mapped facts we know, facts we thought we know and what we liked to know.

We have been historians and have been working as archaeologists. We have been collecting our own evidence from some Angolan Saxon artefacts.

We have been learning about Anglo Saxon Britain and have made posters about place names and their meaning.

Our Year 4 mathematicians have been working hard this week solving number problems involving decimals and adding 4 digit numbers.

Book Week: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For book week, we had a workshop at our local library and we started rehearsing for our play. We looked at the different features of a play script and had a go at taking on the role of different characters.We also produced posters advertising our Year 3 &Year 4 performance.

We wrote thank you letters to Hazard Alley for thanking them for our amazing experience at their centre.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Hazard Alley. We had such a superb time!

We created colourful Growth Mindset posters to help us to keep motivated when things are tricky.