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Growth Mindset

Learning in Autumn 1

In September, our school had a special visitor – Ian ‘the Doodle Bug’ Brealey, who delivered art/growth mind-set workshops to the junior classes.  The pupils really enjoyed developing their drawing skills and their growth mindset.  At the end of the day, Ian gave a motivational assembly. 


Some comments from our pupils:


What were you proud of?

  • I was happy with the effort I put in.
  • I used my growth mindset well.
  • I thought I was a bad artist but I realised I was good.
  • I’m proud that I can draw circles using the dot method. 
  • I am really proud of how my drawing turned out in the end. 


How did you use a growth mindset?

  • We had to learn from our mistakes.
  • We had to not give up and persevere.
  • We had to put effort into our work and try and improve it.
  • I kept on getting the shape of the head wrong but I never gave up! 
  • When I was doing the nose, it always came out as a diamond but I kept trying and it worked out in the end. 


What did you enjoy most?

  • He taught us good drawing skills and taught us to persevere.
  • We liked drawing freehand and learning new skills.
  • It was drawing in a different way.
  • I liked Ian’s growth mindset messages.
  • I liked hearing about the stories when he made mistakes.

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