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Growth Mindset

Our Activities this Year 

In March, The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi was read to all pupils.  The pupils then thought about a skill that they couldn't do 'yet' and what they could do to achieve it to make it possible.

In September, our school had a special visitor – Ian ‘the Doodle Bug’ Brealey, who delivered art/growth mind-set workshops to the junior classes.  The pupils really enjoyed developing their drawing skills and their growth mindset.  At the end of the day, Ian gave a motivational assembly. 


Some comments from our pupils:


What were you proud of?

  • I was happy with the effort I put in.
  • I used my growth mindset well.
  • I thought I was a bad artist but I realised I was good.
  • I’m proud that I can draw circles using the dot method. 
  • I am really proud of how my drawing turned out in the end. 


How did you use a growth mindset?

  • We had to learn from our mistakes.
  • We had to not give up and persevere.
  • We had to put effort into our work and try and improve it.
  • I kept on getting the shape of the head wrong but I never gave up! 
  • When I was doing the nose, it always came out as a diamond but I kept trying and it worked out in the end. 


What did you enjoy most?

  • He taught us good drawing skills and taught us to persevere.
  • We liked drawing freehand and learning new skills.
  • It was drawing in a different way.
  • I liked Ian’s growth mindset messages.
  • I liked hearing about the stories when he made mistakes.

In the second week of the autumn term, The Dot by Peter Reynolds was read to all pupils. The pupils then created their own 'dot' by thinking about a goal they would like to achieve within the school year. They wrote about how they would achieve their goals and which CHAMP skills they would use.

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