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We use Tapestry as our online learning journal provider. The reason we have chosen to use Tapestry is to involve parents more and make them more aware of what their child is learning week by week. At Gade Valley, we highly value the partnership we have with parents!


Pupil Entries

Pupils in Nursery and Reception receive one pupil entry on their individual Tapestry online journal each week. Each pupil entry includes a brief description of what each pupil has done, what they have learned, the area of learning they have developed and where appropriate, a few key phrases which explain what the pupil (or the adult they have been working with) have said during their learning interaction. This information will of course be accompanied by a photo which helps parents see exactly what their child has been learning! The pupil entries are sent to parents/carers each Friday.


Parents Partnership

Having received a pupil entry, we ask parents/carers to acknowledge it with either a ‘thumbs up’ or by leaving a comment. This is because, at Gade Valley, we believe in the importance of working in partnership with parents to develop each individual child. 


WOW Moments

It is possible, within Tapestry, for parents to create their own entries. This allows us, at school, to find out about which activities each child has really enjoyed whilst growing, learning and playing at home. We love reading the ‘WOW Moments’ parents send us! Whenever a ‘WOW Moment’ is uploaded, the class teacher responds with a comment.