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Music Overview 2019-2020

Music at Gade Valley Primary School

At Gade Valley School all children take part in weekly music lessons following the Music Express scheme. Lessons include active music making, singing and lots of participation. This ensures each year group receive a balanced musical diet of topics.

There is also a weekly singing assembly led by an experienced and enthusiastic teacher where pupils get the opportunity to learn a variety of new songs. These will often be performed at whole school and class assemblies, productions and other events.

One such event in December is our evening carol singing production at St John’s Church. This is very popular and well attended by children and their families. It’s a real treat in the run up to Christmas.

In school musical activities in Early Years are an integral part of the curriculum, singing rhymes, playing simple instruments and other songs promotes learning in many subject areas. Pupils in KS1 and KS2 continue to enjoy singing in particular. All pupils in Year 4 learn to play the recorder weekly over the year.