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Friday Assemblies

Friday Sharing Assemblies


Each Friday, we have a sharing assembly where the whole school celebrates their week’s learning. 

As part of the assembly a number of awards and certificates are given out:


Reading Certificates

These are given out for reading at home.  The following certificates are given:

50 = red

100 = bronze

150 = silver

200 = gold

250 = silver star

300 = gold star


Golden Ticket

Perhaps the highlight of the assembly!  Any child who has read at home five times in that week will receive a golden ticket.  The ticket will go into the weekly prize draw with a chance of winning a special Wonka bar. 


Accelerated Reading Award

A class award is given to the class that has passed the most Accelerated Reading quizzes that week (Key Stage 2). 


Handwriting Certificate

To recognise effort and progress in handwriting, one certificate is given out to one person in each class.



Each class that achieves over 97% attendance in a week will move up one step on the track (which is displayed in the hall).  Any classes that achieve 100% attendance in a week will move up two steps.  The class with the most steps in a term will receive a very special prize.


Sports Award

Two awards will be given out: one for the class that has put the most effort into their weekly lessons, and one for an individual who has made good progress.


TT-Rock Stars

Class awards and individual ‘hall of fame’ awards will be given to pupils in Years 2-6 who have developed their times tables.


House Points

The house that receives the most house points will collect the trophy.  In addition, pupils will receive a certificate for every 100 House points that they earn.



One certificate is given out to one person in each class to recognise individuals who have developed the CHAMP focus of the week.


Book of Excellence

Proudly displayed in the school library is the much-coveted Book of Excellence.  For pupils to be recognised in the Book of Excellence they need to receive the following in an academic year: silver reading certificate, 100 house point certificate, CHAMP of the week certificate and handwriting certificate.