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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Our Class Teacher is Mr Hakner

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Bankole and Mrs Stanyon


Year 5 Non-Negotiables for Writing, Reading and Maths

Half-Termly Curriculum Letters

Year 5 Welcome Meeting

What a busy week we have had at school this week. The pupils had a visit from the ducklings on Monday and got a chance to hold them if they wanted to (pictures below). We have also celebrated World Book Day. Thank you for all your support; the children looked fantastic. To finish the week we have also had our Police Community Day to conclude the children's work as mini-police.

As part of our D.T. topic, the pupils have been exploring Marble Run. They enjoyed creating different routes for the marbles to follow and will use what they have learnt to design and crate their own Marble Run creations.

This week, Year 5 have great fun during our skateboarding sessions. The pupils leant a range of skills and tricks and showed great perseverance and determination. Below is a selection of pictures from our session.

This week in Science the pupils have been investigating water-resistance. They used Playdoh to create different shapes and test which ones fell the fastest through water. They discovered that thinner, more streamline, shapes moved faster through the water because there was less water-resistance working on them.

This week the pupils in Year 5 have been continuing with there mini policing project. The class are really enjoying learning all about policing and how to be good members of the community. Below is a picture of the class wearing the mini police uniform.

This week in Science we have been learning about how our ideas about the solar system has changed from a Geocentric understanding to a Heliocentric model. The children took on the roles of famous scientists throughout history to act out how our knowledge has changed.

This week the pupils in Year 5 have been creating recipes for potions inspired by halloween.

Year 5 really enjoyed performing their harvest song to the tune of Shotgun by George Ezra

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Year 5 enjoyed singing Cauliflowers Fluffy with the rest of the school for our Harvest assembly.

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This week the pupils in Year 5 really enjoy performing the song Livin’ on a prayer by Bon Jovi that they have been learning as part of their music lessons.

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This week the pupils really enjoyed our learning on Roald Dahl Day where we created descriptions for The Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, drew Willy Wonka in the style of Quentin Blake and learnt a song from Matilda the Musical which we performed to the rest of the school.

What a brilliant start to Year 5 the pupils have made this week! I have been very impressed with their hard work and understanding and I am looking forward to the year ahead.

What a FANTASTIC year we have had in Year 5! I have been so impressed with the pupils CHAMP skills and their enthusiasm for learning. Everyday they make me proud to be their teacher. I wanted to wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday, where I hope you make some incredible memories with your families and friends. Thank you so much for all your support, kind words and very generous gifts- it was a privilege to teach this class again! Have a brilliant summer holiday and see you in September! 

Marble Runs- we designed, made and tested out our own marble runs. We had to be Perseverant to overcome any issues that arose during the testing. We are really proud of our finished marble runs!

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Science- The Big Biscuit Dunking Challenge! We tested 2 different biscuits: shortbread and rich tea. We kept our test fair by using the same temperature water and dunking the biscuits for the same amount of time each go. The winner was: Rich Tea!

In Art, we have been learning about retrofuturism. We have created a planning page on what we think will be on earth in 50 years. We thought about what the cars would look like, people, buildings and plants.

Sports Week 2023- we had a fantastic sports week taking part in lots of different sports including: throwing events, goal ball, rhythmic gymnastics, aquathlon and running events. We had to show great CHAMP skills as well as the Olympic and Paralympic values.

For Women in History day, we learned about Emmeline Pankhurst. We learned about her life, her political career, her key achievements and her impact on today’s society.

Year 5’s Marvellous Marshmallows

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Making our Marvellous Marshmallows!

Distraction Workshop- We took part in a workshop run by Hertfordshire County Council where they learned about distractions when crossing the road especially when using a mobile phone. They learned to use: Stop Look, Listen and Think.

Coronation Tea Party- We had such fun at our tea party. We really enjoyed performing a may pole dance for everyone!

Coronation Week- We had a great time celebrating King Charles' coronation. We completed a range of activities including: a portrait of King Charles, designing a school coat of arms, designing our own carriage and making a nature crown.

A Date with a Duck- we have had a FANTASTIC time with the ducklings! It's been amazing to see them hatch and grow as well as being able to have cuddles!

D&T: In D&T, we made tortilla pizzas. We have been learning about seasonal foods and used this to help choose our ingredients. We used lots of cooking skills to create our final dish including: chopping, dicing, mashing, grating and grilling. We had to be really Perseverant and Attentive, especially when chopping and dicing the vegetables. We really enjoyed eating our pizza's!

Inspirational speaker: Bart Gee- on Thursday we had an assembly and workshop with the inspirational Bart Gee. He spoke to us about how he overcomes the challenges of his disability. Bart taught us that even if something is hard, difficult or challenging it is still possible!

Science- for British Science Week 2023, we were challenged to make our own 3D bird out of paper. We worked in pairs and had to create our own birds by folding the paper into different shapes. We really enjoyed making them and are proud of our finished birds.

PE: In PE, we have been learning to use the Maypole. Here is a video of one of the dances that we have learned. We had to be really Perseverant, work as a team and be Confident with the ribbons.

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Book Week- We looked at the book: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy. We were inspired by the positive messages in the story and created our own positive posters in the same style. We really enjoyed reading and discussing the story as well as it inspiring us in our own learning.

World Book Day- we had a fantastic day celebrating our favourite book characters!

English and Geography- we wrote explanation texts about Mountains. We had to use our learning in Geography as well as a range of sources to create our explanation texts.

Art- in Art, we created our own mountain range pictures. We had to focus on the background using different pencils to create the different tones.

Science- In Science, we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We did an experiment to see which solids dissolved in water.

GOAL Day- for our GOAL day, we learned about Mountains. We created our own “Mud Mountains” with different layers to show different types of mountains. We had lots of fun and got very muddy!

First Aid Training- We had a fantastic workshop where we learned what first aid is, recovery position, CPR and DR ABC. We had lots of fun by doing CPR on our own dolls!

KS2 Lantern Festival

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Our readings for the Lantern Festival

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Our Calendars- we used water colours to show the 4 seasons. We had to show the changes of a tree during the year as well as creating a background colour.

Skipping Workshop- we worked with a partner to butterfly skip. We had to be really Perseverant and Helpful to our partner.

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In our 'Dressing the Tree' assembly, we sang 'Come and Join the Celebration' with Year 6. We really enjoyed decorating the tree and the grand switch on of the Christmas lights!

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Our Fantastic Gade Valley Christmas Tree!

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer- For our Christmas decorations we first painted triangles using brown paint, we tried to create the texture of fur by dabbing the paint on. Then we added, horns and a red nose. Finally, we attached the eyes, making sure that you could see the white behind the pupils.

P.S.H.C.E: In PSHCE we have been learning about bullying and how we can stop it. We created our own snakes and ladders style game using a scenario and the advice we would give to stop the bullying.

Circus Skills Workshop- we had a fantastic time in our circus skills workshop where we learned to: spin plates, juggle, use flower sticks and diablos. We found it challenging but really enjoyed it especially learning new skills!

In English, we are learning about descriptive writing. We wrote descriptions about “The Firebird”. We had to use the 5 senses in our descriptions, we then typed them on the computer and added an illustration.

History- in History, we have been learning about Ancient Egyptian Inventions and Achievements. We created informative posters and leaflets describing the different with inventions- we were surprised that we still use the inventions today!

Our Harvest performance- Cauliflowers Fluffy

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Hudnall Park- we had a fantastic time on our trip to Hudnall Park. We took part in 3 different art activities including; creating sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, painting with mud and using watercolours to create secondary colours from primary colours. We even got to see the herd of deer.

Ancient Egypt Day

Ancient Egypt Day- we had lots of fun on our Ancient Egypt day. We made our own cartouches where we wrote in hieroglyphics. Then we made necklaces and used an eagle emblem. Finally, we created artwork using oil pastels and shading.

In PSHCE, we have been discussing our goals for the year. We picked one goal and then thought about what we need to do to achieve it.

In English, we have been inspired by our Ancient Egypt history topic. We wrote diary entries as if we were slaves to the pharaoh. We really enjoyed writing them and were Motivated and Confident when using all the key features in our own work.

Our Queen Elizabeth portraits- we were Perseverant and Motivated when drawing our portraits.

We have had a fantastic start to Year 5! In Maths we have been learning about place value in 5 digit numbers: writing as words, in digits, comparing them and ordering them.

Our Learning Journey 2021/2022

Sport's Week: We enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of sporting events this week. We have shown all of our CHAMP skills throughout the week..

Science Goal Day: this week, we enjoyed taken part in the Water Aid Challenge. We worked as team to form a line and travel 10 litres of water across the playground, using different materials. We had to ensure we saved as much water as we could.

PSHCE: This week we have been thinking about the different qualities of what makes a good friend.

Jubilee Day: The children studied the commonwealth country, Australia, particularly focussing on aboriginal art. They enjoyed planning and creating their own inspired pieces.

Science: The children enjoyed conducting an investigation about friction as part of learning the Forces unit. The children worked well together in groups, demonstrating which material they think makes the best brake pad.