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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Steadman

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Happe


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Year 5 Non Negotiables for Writing, Reading and Maths

Welcome to Year 5!

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Welcome Meeting

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and for all your support this year parents! Well done to all the children who have worked so hard. smiley

Well done for being great learning CHAMPs! Have a fantastic summer!

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Our book is set in the Victorian era so we studied a famous Victorian artist William Morris. We created wallpaper art inspired by his work. They are fantastic and the children are very proud of their work.

In Maths we went on a treasure hunt! We had to solve the word problems and then find the answers somewhere around the school.

On PowerPoint we created a balanced argument about one of the characters from Street Child. We confidently shared our arguments to the class.

Sports Week was so much fun. We had fantastic CHAMP skills and showed lots of Olympic and Paralympic values. Thank you to Jensen for taking some lovely pictures!

Middle distance

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Relay race

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Race 3

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Race 2

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Race 1

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Our book Street Child is set in the Victorian era. The character Jim is sent to a workhouse. We have created some beautiful reports about the workhouse. We tried so hard with the presentation!

It was such lovely weather we had our English lesson outside! We used drama and freeze frames to recreate scenes from the book Street Child.

We made factor bugs and wrote the factors of a number on the insect’s legs.

Here’s a sneak peak of our documentary ‘Life’. We pretended to be presenters and talked about the life cycle of different living things.

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Another sneak peak..l

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Planning a suspense story.

Some of our marble runs in action!

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Non-chronological reports about our favourite games.

Earth Day 2021 - The whole school planted sunflowers.

Labelling the map of Europe using an atlas.

Growing sunflowers for Earth Day.

In Science we had to hunt for the definitions for different parts of a flower.

Growing flowers has inspired our art! We tried to use a style from an artist using focal points.

In The Secret Sky Garden, Funni grows plants to improve the environment. We are growing our own plants too!

Labelling the features of a river. We used lots of different materials to make our river and had to find the source, mouth, tributaries and meanders.

Our mindfulness rainbow!

We have had a great first day back at school! We are working on some collaborative art.

Our published stories. We worked so hard on these.

Year 5 singing Silent Night for the nativity. They did a fantastic job!

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Roman Mosaics

Colouring by rounding.

The beautiful Christmas tree with our fantastic reindeer decorations on it!

Our stories are fantastic!

Making games on Scratch.

The Roman Army. We learnt about their armour, formations and what life was like as a Roman soldier.

Firework poems!

We have drawn factor rainbows to find factors of numbers systematically.

Space art - we have started sketching and shading the planets.

French comic strips:

Year 5's Class Assembly

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Egyptian day was great fun. Look at our amazing art!

Everyone worked so hard on their Egyptian themed art!

Our amazing writing!

Our Egyptian writing. We worked so hard on these!

Our collaborative mindfulness art.

Our drama lesson was so fun! We pretended to be pharaohs to help us write a diary entry.

We have learnt lots about how society was organised in Ancient Egypt.

We are reading diary entries from Ancient Egypt this week. They’re really interesting!

The children have made a fantastic start! We have been using different methods to add and subtract numbers.

Our Learning Journey 2019/2020

We took part in a Knex challenge. We had to build a windmill.

In D&T we are making marble runs. So far we have been practising how to make a strong base.

In P.E. we have been practising the Hakka.

We have lots of fun at Kidzania! We learnt lots about different jobs!

Bird Watching Day - We spotted and recorded lots of different species of birds around the school grounds. We thought about how we could help protect birds.

For Cooking and Nutrition Day, we completed a Pizza Project! We designed pizzas and their packaging and evaluated pizzas that we made!

For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory day, we 'performance read' extracts from the book. We had to use good expression and pace!

We were motivated to convert units of measurements in Maths!

In Science our new topic is Forces. We made parachutes and tested them out.

Our new Geography topic is Magnificent Mountains. We have done some research and located famous mountains on a map.

We are reading Kensuke's Kingdom. We have made predictions on the book and thought about the theme of sailing around the world.

We tried hard in P.E. this week. Our new topic is Gymnastics.

Look at our tomb art this week! We based it on tomb paintings found inside the pyramids!

Our fractions work this week:

Our newspaper articles:

We have finished our Tutunkhamun masks! We were really persevering with them and they look fantastic!

We are enjoying writing newspaper reports about Tutunkhamun's discovery. We have also revised formal language to help us with this.

We have been learning about fractions in maths.

We have worked hard to create travel brochures about Australia as part of Take One Country.

Our trinkets for Take One Country look fantastic!

We enjoyed our skipping workshop!

We enjoyed buddy reading with Year 2!

We had an Ancient Egyptian day! Here are some pictures from the day - it was fantastic!

In R.E. we have learnt lots about communities and those we are part of.

We have learnt lots about pharaohs and Egyptian gods!

In Science, we have been learning about Space. Here are some of our posters we have made.

We are writing non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt. Here are some of these so far:

In Maths, we have been working really hard on converting time and solving word problems using time:

We have been writing diary entries based on life as a slave in Ancient Egypt times. Here are some examples:

In PSHE, we been learning about healthy eating, sleeping and exercise to improve our wellbeing. Nuffield Health have ran some fantastic workshops with the children!

For Roald Dahl day, Year 5 and 6 watched Mr Barron taste some of the food from The Twits Cafe! He tasted some dishes inspired by 'The Wormy Spaghetti' from The Twits. This inspired the children to write their own menus!