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Learning in Autumn 1

In Year 5, pupils have been learning about Ancient Egypt. They had an Ancient Egypt day where the pupils dressed up as Egyptians and learned about lots of different things including hieroglyphics, gods and goddesses and important pharaohs. They also placed key events on a timeline and have written diary entries pretending to be an Egyptian building the pyramids.

As part of their learning on World War Two, the Year 6 children took part in an evacuee day and they presented their learning through written accounts. They wrote letters from the point of view of an evacuee and were really proud of their cross-curricular writing! 

In Year 1, they have been learning about different toys from the past. Here they have sorted pictures of old and new toys. They were identifying similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

History In Our School - Autumn 2020

Y4 Anglo-Saxons

History in our school

Work from around the classes during the Spring Term.

Some of the work completed in History lessons druing the Autumn term.