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A Date with a Duck

A Date with a Duck 2023

Friday 21st April- we have been really enjoying seeing our ducklings enjoy exploring their new home in the brooder box! They’re becoming more interested in what is happening around them as well as quacking away when they want attention!

Thursday 20th April- what a day we have had! 3 more ducklings have hatched: one in the morning, one at lunchtime and the final one at the end of the day. They are now settling in the brooder box.

Wednesday 19th April- Our first duckling has hatched! It was amazing to watch the duckling hatch, here are some pictures that we took throughout it hatching.

Monday 17th April- our duckling eggs have arrived! We have 5 eggs and at the moment they are all in the incubator keeping nice and warm. Hopefully we’ll start to have some hatching soon!

A Date with a Duck 2022

Thursday 5th May 2022

“Today the ducklings are being held by Year 6 and Year 1. The ducklings have grown so much since we got them. The ducklings also had a swim today in some shallow water. They really enjoyed paddling in the water, and getting very wet! By Eloise, Paige and Sadie (Year 6)

Wednesday 4th May 2022

“All of our ducklings are happy and healthy with all of their siblings. They are making their way around the school being held by all the pupils and staff! While they were in Reception’s classroom they did some fun activities with the pupils. They never want to be separate from their siblings even if their having food or drinking. They always rest their heads on each other while they are sleeping.” By Molly, Tamzin and Lola (Year 6)

Tuesday 3rd May 2022

 “Over the weekend, the ducklings went to Mrs Speer’s house. They had a lot of fun and even tried swimming in shallow water! Also since we last saw the ducklings, they have grown a lot.” By Eloise and Paige (year 6) 

Friday 29th April 2022

"Our newest duckling (Doug) has settled nicely into his new home inside the brooder box with his siblings. Starting today our ducklings will be learning in classrooms- year 3 and year 4 are the first classes to play and hold the ducklings. The ducklings are getting bigger and bigger everyday (and definitely noisier!) They are also very active with each other and like to interact with people beside the cage."

By Lola, Sadie and Gia (Year 6)

Thursday 28th April 2022

Photos taken by Oscar in year 6


“Today was a very exciting day because when we came in, the fifth and final duck egg had hatched YAY!!! We named our new duckling Doug (Doug the duck). In the brooder box all of our happy little ducklings are especially cheerful and noisy as our 4th duck has recently joined them in their home. They seem very well rested after spending a lot of time pecking their way out of their eggs.” By Lily T and Lily D (year 6)

Wednesday 27th April 2022

We were very excited when we arrived in school today to find 4 ducklings have hatched.

” In the incubator, there is still an egg (and a duck drying from this morning when it hatched!) In the brooder box, there are three very sleepy ducklings. Three ducklings hatched over night, they were moved from the incubator to the brooder box at 7:15 this morning by Miss Kavanagh and Mrs Burtt. “ by Tamzin and Molly (year 6)

Tuesday 26th April

Our duckling eggs have arrived! We have 5 eggs and they are being kept nice and warm in their incubator. We can already start to see cracks on some of the eggs.

A Date with a Duck 2020

We have been really enjoying having the ducklings. Every child in the school had the opportunity to have a photo holding a duckling. They have really developed their personalities and are enjoying the water a bit too much!

Friday- when we left school on Thursday, there was still one egg which hadn’t hatched. On Friday morning there were 6 little heads poking out from under the heater! The are really becoming more confident and finding their feet. The quacking is getting louder too!

Wednesday and Thursday- on Wednesday morning, we unfortunately experienced a technical issue with the incubator. After much panicking we moved the eggs into the brooder box under the heater. We just had to wait and hope that this would not affect their hatching. The excitement on Thursday morning when we came in to 5 little ducklings was amazing!

Tuesday 3rd March- During "Duck Watch" today we noticed that 4 of the eggs have little cracks in them! We even saw 2 of them wobbling. The excitement is really starting to build!

A Date with a Duck- we are very excited to announce the arrival of our duckling eggs! On Monday 2nd March, our duckling eggs were delivered. We have 6 eggs and need to keep them in the incubator until they hatch.