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A Date with a Duck

We have been really enjoying having the ducklings. Every child in the school had the opportunity to have a photo holding a duckling. They have really developed their personalities and are enjoying the water a bit too much!

Friday- when we left school on Thursday, there was still one egg which hadn’t hatched. On Friday morning there were 6 little heads poking out from under the heater! The are really becoming more confident and finding their feet. The quacking is getting louder too!

Wednesday and Thursday- on Wednesday morning, we unfortunately experienced a technical issue with the incubator. After much panicking we moved the eggs into the brooder box under the heater. We just had to wait and hope that this would not affect their hatching. The excitement on Thursday morning when we came in to 5 little ducklings was amazing!

Tuesday 3rd March- During "Duck Watch" today we noticed that 4 of the eggs have little cracks in them! We even saw 2 of them wobbling. The excitement is really starting to build!

A Date with a Duck- we are very excited to announce the arrival of our duckling eggs! On Monday 2nd March, our duckling eggs were delivered. We have 6 eggs and need to keep them in the incubator until they hatch.