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Maths Displays in the Summer Term!

Year 3 Data Handling

In Year 3, the children collected data about their favourite ice-creams. They represented the data in tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. 

Year 2 Fraction Pancakes

For Pancake Day, the Year 2 children created fraction pancakes. They learned about halves, quarters and thirds. Don’t they look delicious!

Year 1 Skills Carousel

Year 1 enjoyed a skills carousel where they focussed on developing their understanding of number bonds, repeating patterns, addition and subtraction. 

Year 4 Pancake Day

For their Pancake Day celebrations, the children were given a list of ingredients and were asked to find the cheapest price, at a range of supermarkets, for their shopping list. They also collected data about which topping they preferred on their pancakes and presented this using a tally and bar chart!

Autumn Term : Maths in our classrooms!