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Learning in Autumn 1

In the Nursery, the pupils have been exploring, using and recognising shape. 

In Reception, the pupils have focused on learning and using numbers to 10. They have practised counting to 10 and have sung lots of counting songs. The pupils have learnt to recognise numerals to 10 and have used 'Unifix' cubes to count out amounts. They have also been building counting into their everyday routines. During the day, each child uses a token to ‘vote’ for the book they would like to read at home time – then the class counts the votes to see which book is most popular!

In Year 1, the pupils have been enjoying learning how to order numbers and have used cubes to make number bonds to 5. 

In Year 2, the pupils have been learning to name and describe different 2D shapes. They enjoyed making the shapes using lolly sticks and then counted how many sides and vertices each shape had.

In Year 3, the pupils have been learning about place value in 3 and 4 digit numbers. They used a range of objects, which they found outside in our woodland area, to represent different numbers. 

In Year 4, pupils have been learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. They completed a fantastic outdoor trail!

In Year 5, the pupils have practised using mental methods to subtract numbers. This included the counting up to the next 10,100 or 1000 using the 'Frog method'. Pupils have also practised converting between the 12 hour and 24 hour clock.

In Year 6, the pupils have been learning how to use BODMAS to solve both multi-step number sentences and word problems.  

2020-21 Learning Journey

Maths Displays in the Summer Term!

Year 3 Data Handling

In Year 3, the pupils collected data about their favourite ice-creams. They represented the data in tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. 

Year 2 Fraction Pancakes

For Pancake Day, the Year 2 pupils created fraction pancakes. They learned about halves, quarters and thirds. Don’t they look delicious!

Year 1 Skills Carousel

Year 1 enjoyed a skills carousel where they focussed on developing their understanding of number bonds, repeating patterns, addition and subtraction. 

Year 4 Pancake Day

For their Pancake Day celebrations, the children were given a list of ingredients and were asked to find the cheapest price, at a range of supermarkets, for their shopping list. They also collected data about which topping they preferred on their pancakes and presented this using a tally and bar chart!

Autumn Term : Maths in our classrooms!