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2023-24 Our Learning Journey

STOMP Workshop


In the summer term, all classes participated in a STOMP workshop.  The pupils enjoyed performing in groups using their hands, feet and bodies to creatively express themselves.


Pupil Quotes:

'I really liked the warmups.' 

'I liked the dance when we did the stomping and clapping.' 

'I liked going a group and making our routines.' 

'I liked doing the Pete's routine.' 

'I liked the new technique of dancing.' 

'It was really fun - it got my heart beating.'

Team Rubicon Workshop


In the spring term, all classes in years 1-6 participated in a scooting/skateboarding workshop.  The pupils enjoyed learning new skills and developing their confidence.


Pupil Quotes:

'I liked learning how to skateboard and the tricks.'

'I liked how you could start doing it easily which gave me confidence.'

'I liked learning new tricks.'

'I liked it when the trainer showed us some cool moves.'

'I liked it when we started turning with the skateboard.'

'I liked it when we started to skate on the skateboard.'


2022-2023 - Our Learning Journey

Autumn Term


In December 2022, we had a skipping workshop.  All classes enjoyed learning new skills and developing their skipping endurance throughout the day.


Pupil Quotes:

'My favourite part of the skipping workshop was learning new skills – like double dutch!'

'My favourite part of the skipping workshop was playing the game ‘Keep the Kettle Boiling.'

'I really enjoyed learning how to do different types of skipping.'

'We had a lovely time and the teacher was really nice.'

'We had lots of fun trying new tricks.'

'My favourite part was when we learnt to cross our arms.'

2021-2022 - Our Learning Journey

Sports Week in the Summer Term

Learning in Spring

In Reception, the pupils have been learning to perform a straight jump, tuck jump, jumping jack and half-turn jump.

In Year 1, the pupils have been learning to move around, under, over and through a variety of different objects and equipment.  In addition, they have been creating and performing moving sequences.

In Year 2, the pupils have been learning to perform a variety of balances on apparatus and with a partner.

In Year 5, the pupils have learnt to combine equipment with movement to create sequences.

Learning in Autumn

2020-21 - Our Learning Journey

Year 4 - Outdoor Benchball

Dacorum School Sports Network Cross County

KS1 Throwing and Catching