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Art & Design

Learning in Autumn 1.

Lest We Forget. Children throughout the school made a poppy using clay. They had to shape it and paint it using the correct colours.

In Nursery, we have been using stencils to create a picture.

In Reception, we created some self-portraits. We considered what makes us unique, and thought about colour mixing to create different skin tones. We used mirrors to look at our hair and our eye colour and used mixed media to recreate our facial features.

In Year 1, we made a piece of art in the style of Henri Matisse.

In Year 2, we learnt all about the primary and secondary colours. We really enjoyed drawing self-portraits using colouring pencils. We tried to include as much detail as possible.

In Year 3, we have been making mosaic insects.

In Year 4, we have been making Chinese scroll paintings.

In Year 5, we have linked our Art to our History topic Ancient Egypt. We have: created papyrus paper using overlapping to create texture and an ancient effect • at Hudnall park created sculptures using nature • at Hudnall Park practised colour mixing skills • made cartouches to practise carving and using tools to create a shape • made Egyptian necklaces practising colour mixing skills • used oil pastels to blend colours to create a sunset Egyptian background

Summer term - Art and Design at Gade Valley

Autumn term 2020: Art & Design at Gade Valley

Look at some of our creative creations from previous years!