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History at Gade Valley Primary School

History Subject Leader: Mr Hakner


Curriculum Aims

The aim of the History curriculum is to provide our pupils with a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The curriculum provides pupils at Gade Valley with a chronological narrative of the past and the ability to place eras and events on a timeline in chronological order. Throughout the curriculum, pupils also develop their understanding of significant events, how these have shaped life in the present day and that of the wider world. 

In addition, it is the aim of the curriculum to develop pupil's historical concepts, such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance. Pupils draw on primary and secondary sources to make judgements about the past and understand how different interpretations of the past have been made. The History Curriculum will also teach our pupils how to effectively carry out research and ask relevant questions to find out more information about the past. 


How We Teach History

At Gade Valley, in Early Years, the subject is taught via the Early Learning Goals linked to the specific area ‘Understanding the World’. During their time in Early Years, the pupils will discuss the lives of people who are familiar to them and ask questions to find out more information. From Years 1-6, pupils will learn about three significant History topics. The timing of this unit of lessons is flexible depending on the content being covered and the skills being developed. Each unit of work has been carefully written using the guidance of the National Curriculum and teachers refer to the skills and knowledge grid to inform their planning. At Gade Valley, we also exploit cross-curricular links where possible within our units, for example, many classes have linked their English, Art, French and many other units to their History topics.


Our teaching of History at Gade Valley is based upon the Gade Valley Principles of Teaching and Learning. This provides guidance for teachers to ensure that learning is effective. These include, challenging the pupils, maximising learning time, providing clear learning goals and ensuring the environment is stimulating and enhances pupils' learning. Throughout History lessons, these principles are adhered to and this means that pupils develop the core skills from the History curriculum. In addition, at the start of all History units teachers effectively use summative and formative assessments to inform their planning, for example, using 'I know, think and wonder' at the start of the unit to understand children's prior knowledge, as well as using the skills and knowledge progression grids to assess where they are with their learning. Teachers also use a range of resources in their teaching, such as the use of artefacts and the world wide web.


Key Developments and Information for 2021/22

Up to December 2022, the following measurable impact includes:

  • In the 2021/2022 academic year, the large majority of pupils achieved age related expectations or above.
  • Pupil voice has shown that:
  • Pupils enjoy learning about history.
  • Teachers give clear explanations of history.
  • Pupils know how to get help if they need it.
  • The vast majority of pupils find that work in lessons are challenging.
  • The pupils note that they particularly enjoy ‘Wow days’ such as Ancient Egypt day or Victorians day. They also reported that they particularly enjoy lessons where they are active.
  • Observations that have been carried out, found that all teachers followed the skills progression document well and used the teaching and learning principles effectively to develop lessons. 
  • Teachers completed a subject audit where the majority felt confident teaching vast areas of the curriculum.
  • We have developed our use of feedback and how work is presented. History and Geography books have been introduced with a marking policy which recent book looks have shown all teachers to be following effectively and have enhanced the children's learning and understanding of their feedback.
  • Staff have had CPD on their planning to ensure the curriculum is covered effectively.
  • The school took part in a Wow day based around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a strong focus on the events which have taken place during her reign. 

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National Curriculum for History

History Skills and Knowledge Progression