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Friday 3/4/2020

Morning! I was in school yesterday it seemed very strange and quiet without you. Hopefully it will not be long before the classroom is full with your lovely smiles and laughter.

It has been a little bit colder but still nice to get outside in the fresh air for my daily exercise, I hope you have been able to get out in your garden or for some form of exercise. 

I will be keeping an eye on the plants I planted over the Easter break. If you are able to plant something, that would be lovely so after the break we can complete some work on it but do not worry if you can not.

The first plant was the top from a pineapple if you hadn't guessed.

I hope you enjoy today's learning and enjoy your Easter break, you deserve the rest after working so hard.

Mrs Burtt.

Reading: Keep reading everyday. For the Easter break there is also going to be a ‘Random Reading’ competition, please go on to the link on the home learning page for more details. 


English: 5 short activities.

Spellings: See how many spellings you can get correct. 

Maths: 5 short activities

Art and DT: Make something linked to Easter be as creative and imaginative as you like. Have fun and enjoy. 
PE: Friday is normally our PE day. The theme has been dance so today put your favourite music on and dance along, don’t forget to use some of the moves you have learnt. See if you can get as many of your family members to join in. I will be doing the same. 
Science: Please go to the ‘Home Learning page’ to see the science competition set for the Easter break.

Thursday 2/4/2020

Morning, here is your work for today. I look forward to seeing your pizzas.



Still image for this video

English: Make a set of instructions.

Reading: Do not forget to upload your photo of your 5 reads onto the 'Golden Tickets' section on the 'Home Learning' page to be in for a chance of wining a wonka bar, Good Luck!
Spellings: Play 'Hangman' with your spellings.
Phonics: Choose a book and see how many words you can find with the digraphs ai, ay, a-e, oe, o-e, ee, ey and e-e.

Maths: Make a circular pizza showing 1/4, 1/2 and whole

Music: The singing Walrus: Na Na Na I'm so happy.

Sing the song and do the actions.



Wednesday 1/4/2020

Morning, the sun has still been shining so I hope you have been able to enjoy some of it. Mrs Spear has let me know that lots of you have joined up for the new game 'NumBots.' Try and go on it once a day for at least 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you again for letting me see the work you have been completing, it is lovely to see, I am truly proud of how motivated you have all been.

Thank you mums and dads for supporting your children with their learning. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. 

Thank you Mrs Burtt.

English: Make a shopping list for making a pizza.

Spellings: Rainbow words.

Use the same words you have been using on Monday and Tuesday. If you have chalks and you have a garden with a patio and of course you have permission to do so, write the words in different colours. If this is not possible make rainbow words on pieces of paper.

Phonics: Trigraph air

Watch clip first

Choose one of the words and put into a sentence. Remember capital letter, finger spaces and full stop.

Challenge: Include conjunction 'because.'

Maths: Showing fractions of a shape (Pizza)

Tuesday 31/3/2020

I enjoyed looking at your lovely work today that you have emailed me, it puts a huge smile on my face to see how hard you are all working. You are being true CHAMPs.

English: Answer questions about the tally chart you made. Remember to put your answers into a sentence.

Spellings: Use the spellings you did yesterday from the 'First 100 High Frequency' sheet. Your challenge today, if you choose to except, is to see how many of the words you can spot in books. 

Phonics: Trigraph ear

Type in Mr Thorne ear trigraph on the internet. Remember to segment and blend. How many different words can you think of?

Maths: Half of an amount.

Maths: This is for Thursday but wanted to let you see what I have planned so you can look for the resources you will need to complete the activity.

Monday 30/3/20

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Look what I made, linked to the work I set you in English last week.

Still image for this video

English and Maths: Making a Tally Chart.

Spellings: Complete page 1 of the first 100 High Frequency words. Remember you can not segment and blend these words. A game will be uploaded tomorrow to complete with the same set of words.

Reading: Please continue to read everyday. 

Golden Ticket competition starts again today. Please go to the home learning page and click on 'Golden Ticket,' all the details are on there.

Phonics: Trigraph igh

Type in Mr Thorne teaching igh trigraph on the internet. Segment and blend the words back together.

How many words can you find with the igh trigraph in?

Friday 27/3/20

Wow! Its Friday already, the end of the week. Lets hope the sunshine keeps shining for the weekend and you can still get in your garden or go for your daily essential exercise.

Message from Mrs Burtt.

Still image for this video

English: Complete the worksheet.

Spellings: Get someone to test you on your spellings you have been practising this week. How many did you get right?

Maths: 100-square Hunt.

Science/ DT: Linked to our English work. Can you make something  using porridge oats or something else Goldilocks would prefer to eat?

Thursday 26/3/2020

Morning! Thank you for letting me see some of your lovely work you have been completing, it really made me smile and I feel very proud of you all.


English: Re-write the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Reading: Please keep up with your reading.

Maths: Playing a number game using the 100-square.

Wednesday 25/03/20

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying the activities and the sunshine.

If you have any work that you have completed on honeybees or in English or Maths, please take a picture and email them to me. 

Thank you


English: Making a Mind Map.

Reading: Remember to read everyday.
Spellings: Same as Monday.

Maths: Subtracting using the 100-square.

Project: Continue being creative with you honeybees and bumblebees. 

Tuesday 24/03/20

Good morning Year 1, I hope you are completing the work being set for you but also spending time to exercise. Don't forget to do Joe Wicks workout every morning, I did it yesterday and it is tough but good. Enjoy your day and keep safe. 

Reading: Please continue to read everyday. You can read your school books but also read a range of books you have at home.

English: Act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Pretend to be the different characters. Change your voice, expression and actions using your body. We are very good at doing this.

Spellings: Same as Monday.

Maths: Using the 100-square to add 1 more, 2 more and 4 more.

Monday: 23/03/2020

English: Please re-read the story and answer the questions.

Spellings: Phase 3 Tricky words.

Maths: 100-square.

Project: Honeybees.