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Learning in Autumn 1

In Reception, we have been taking part in lots of circle times and games aimed at getting to know all our new friends in class! We have discussed big feelings we may have around starting school and how to deal with them. Together, we created a lovely display and talked about how each and every one of us can make Gade Valley a happy place to be for ourselves and others.

As part of the unit ‘Being me in my World’, Years 2, 3 and 6 have created a class learning charter. In these, the children have been learning about how rewards and consequences stem from choices and thought about their own rights,  responsibilities, consequences and rewards.

In Year 5 we have created personal goals and how we will achieve these. We also had a growth mindset day with Doodlebug where the children learned key growth mindset statements and why it is important to have a growth mindset.

Summer Term 2 2021

Road Safety Workshop. After we went outside to practise keeping safe.

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Relationships: In Year 1, the children drew pictures of their friends and wrote words to describe the qualities they have which makes them a good friend.

Healthy Me.

Autumn 2020: Look at the lovely activities we completed around the school to celebrate Well-kindness Day.

Spring 2: Whole school sports relief - 500 miles around our track

Spring 2: Year 1 visited the local shops. We went to the bakery to buy a biscuit using coins we had been learning about in Maths.

Spring 1: As a school we joined in with the Big School's Bird watch. All classes went out into the school grounds and recorded how many birds they could see. It was lovely to see all the cross-curricular learning that took place throughout the day.

Spring 2020: In Year 1 we made bears to show the many steps we need to make to achieve our ‘Dreams and Goals.’ We made medals when we had reached them.

Spring 1 2020: In reception they were drawing pictures to show how they were feeling. Some wrote the word and some also explained what made them feel that way.

Spring 1 2020: Year 2 shared their 'Dreams and Goals' to the whole school in their PSHE assembly.

Spring term 1 2020: Look around the school for our ‘Make it Happen!’ Displays. They are showing our dreams and goals for each half term.

Autumn term 2 2019: PSHE around our school.

Summer term 2019: Whole School PSHE Challenge: Children had to work in teams and make a boat. We then went to Gadebridge Park to sail them on the river. We then had a picnic and got to play. We all had so much fun! Well done to the winning teams.

PSHE around our school in the autumn term.