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Maths at Gade Valley Primary School

At Gade Valley, we pride ourselves on preparing children, in the best possible way, for their next step in education. Maths – as a subject – is at the forefront of this. We believe that children should have the opportunity to master mathematical concepts which will help them throughout their education and in their lives beyond school.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Having the expectation that all children can succeed in Maths.
  • Giving children a secure and sustainable understanding of mathematical concepts by developing consistent models and approaches throughout our school.
  • Ensuring children are fluent in mathematical procedures and number facts by rehearsing these in systematic ways.
  • Children who master a concept easily are expected to deepen their understanding, for example by applying it to solve problems embedded in mathematical investigations or more complex reasoning contexts.
  • Children who do not master an objective with the rest of the class are supported to enable them to gain more experience. For example, through same-day intervention, plus longer-term help if necessary.


As Maths is so important, we teach it every day at Gade Valley. We place an emphasis on developing cross-curricular links within our Maths lessons and encourage teachers to engage children through learning in real-life contexts so that learning is meaningful. Children at Gade Valley tell us that they really enjoy Maths lessons and the challenge that these lessons provide!

In order to ensure that our children are well prepared for the next stage of their education and that they know their timestables confidently, every child in Key Stage Two has access, at home and at school, to the Timestables Rockstars online learning platform. Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. Our children really enjoy the “Rockstars” aspect of this program! Each year, we hold a Maths Week in which children develop their understanding of Maths in the world around them. The aim of this week is to broaden children’s mathematical horizons. Children at Gade Valley love this week and it is often a highlight of the year!