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History and Geography

History and Geography Overviews 2019-2020

History and Geography at Gade Valley Primary School

History and Geography are central to the curriculum at Gade Valley as they are the focus of many of our half-termly/termly topics. At Gade Valley children are immersed in each of these subjects and come away with a secure knowledge base. Where possible, work is planned to be taught in a cross-curricular way for example Art lessons during a topic on the Ancient Greeks would involve children designing and creating their own Greek inspired vases. Where possible and appropriate, texts studied in English lessons may also link to the termly topic e.g. Year 2 when studying a geography topic on Islands will in English lessons explore the Katy Morag stories.


At Gade Valley we also understand the value of giving children a chance to experience History or geography for themselves and each class with go on regular trips outside of school. For example, Year 3 will visit the British Schools Museum in Hitchin where they will role play being in a Victorian classroom.

We want children to know about the history of this country and the wider world and how events of the past have influenced and still influence the world today.

In History lessons children are encouraged to pose questions or answer the questions provided seeking the answers through investigating a range of sources including; books, film clips, artefacts, trips to museums and the internet. We encourage children to understand the timeline of events and learn key dates related to events e.g. the Great Fire of London.

When the topic focus is Geography, we aim for children to develop an awareness of where they live and how it is similar or different to the world beyond. We want our children to know key facts about this country and those around us. We encourage them to learn the names of oceans, rivers, capital cities etc.

Through our geography lessons focusing on individual countries we explore the physical and human geography, the culture and traditions and what it’s like to live there. Throughout the school, the children are taught to develop their geographical skills e.g. how to read a map and how to use an atlas.