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Computing Overview 2019/2020

Computing at Gade Valley Primary School

We want our children to grow up with the skills to use this technology safely and discerningly; to have the life skills that enable them to use it confidently but appropriately. As computing is an increasing part of life today, it is essential that all pupils gain the confidence and ability that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum whilst developing motivation and social skills. Our vision is that the use of these technologies will enrich the experience of all pupils and that these resources will help to provide an environment without boundaries, where opportunities can be explored in safety and confidence.

We also aim to develop pupil’s computing skills, knowledge, understanding and capability through taught computing lessons and to provide opportunities for pupils to apply and consolidate their capability across all curriculum contexts as well as to provide an environment where access to ICT resources is natural and commonplace. We place emphasis on the teaching of coding (also known as programming) as it is a large part of the computing curriculum. We want even our youngest children to enjoy problem solving; to be confident to have a go, embrace when they have made a mistake and then have a go at correcting it. Using programmes such as Scratch and Beebots gives our children the forum to do this.

The Internet is an amazing source of information which enhances learning in many ways. Being ‘e-safe’ means teaching our children what to do when online and faced with difficult situations such as seeing inappropriate material and if they experience cyberbullying. We use materials by Kidsmart, Thinkuknow, CBBC Stay Safe and Google Internet Legends to teach our children to be digitally aware. We follow the rule to be SMART online.

We have a suite of 30 computers for the children as well as 16 iPads which ensure computing is taught in a rich variety of ways. ICT is embedded throughout the curriculum and iPads are used routinely to enrich curriculum provision.

We believe that our Computing curriculum allows:

  • Children to have a positive experience of ICT, appreciate its relevance in our society and that they see it as an essential tool for learning, communication, finding information and for controlling and understanding their environment.
  • ICT to be presented as a creative and fascinating process in which children are encouraged to use their own initiative, imagination, reasoning and investigative skills.
  • All children become thoughtful users of ICT and develop their ICT capability to the best of their ability.
  • Children learn to use ICT to support their learning, both individually and collaboratively.