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Chicken Fortnight

Chicken Fortnight is back!

On Monday 3rd June, we had the chicken eggs delivered. We had 10 eggs and had to keep them in the incubator at 37.7ºC.

On Tuesday 4th June, we had a bit of a surprise! At 2:20pm our first egg hatched (a little bit earlier than expected!). The most exciting part was that some of the children got to see her hatch!

By the time the children had arrived at school on Wednesday morning, we had 6 chicks! We had to keep them in the incubator for 24 hours until they had dried off and were fluffy.

By Thursday, we had 8 chicks: 4 girls and 4 boys. We moved them across from the incubator into the brooder box. They are thriving: eating, drinking, sleeping and being rather noisy!

The children are very excited to hold them next week, hopefully the chicks will be on their best behaviour!

The chicks (and children) have had a fantastic week. All the children got to hold a chick and we even had them running around the hall. It was very sad to see them go on Friday.