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Art & Design Curriculum at Gade Valley Primary School

Gade Valley Primary School is proud to be an active school that delivers a creative curriculum, accessible for all pupils as well as delivering extra-curricular clubs for the Foundation Stage children. We offer a wide range of skills, knowledge and materials to develop the children’s wider understanding and expand their artistic creativity. The children are able to do this through having access to a variety of mediums, where they are able to experiment, evaluate and refine their artwork. This also enables the children to expand their creative imagination. Throughout studying Art and Design at Gade Valley Primary School, the children will expand their history and knowledge of artists and designers, and will be taught how these can be used as a stimuli to inspire their work. We are very fortunate to be able to use Art and Design in a cross–curricular way and often such subjects will be linked to other areas of the curriculum. This helps the children to understand the context and give purpose to the current topic and theme. We also provide whole art events such as art trips to galleries, whole school art exhibitions as well as whole school art displays which occur through various times during the year.