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Admissions Information

From September 2011 all primary schools must offer children a full-time place at the start of the September term. However, legally children do not have to be in full-time education until the term after their 5th birthday. Delaying your child’s entry into school is called ‘deferred entry’. You can request this, but your child must start before the end of the school year during which they turn 5.

The school works within the admissions policy of Hertfordshire Education Authority.

In-year Admissions and Appeals Process


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.  Alternatively please follow the link if you are looking for in-year admissions.

Nursery Places - September 2019

For children born between 1st September 2015 and 31 August 2016.


The Nursery application process has changed for the school year 2018 & 2019. Parents must apply to the Nursery they would like their child to attend. At Gade Valley Primary School children can start our Nursery in the September after their third birthday.


See our Nursery page for more information.


Nursery Admission Arrangements

Gade Valley Primary School have one Nursery class - Monday to Friday 8.50am until 11.50am. The hours are term time only. The school dates are published on our website.

28th January 2019 - Nursery applications open for a place in our Nursery for the academic year September 2019/20. See below to download your Application Form and to read our Admissions Policy.

15th March 2019 - Nursery applications close for academic year September 2019 to July 2020. However please contact the school office to enquire if there are still spaces available.

29th March 2019 - Gade Valley Primary School will make offers to parents for a place in the Nursery for academic year September 2019 to July 2020.

3rd May 2019 - The deadline for parents to accept or reject offers the school has made to them for a Nursery place.  If parents do not respond to the offer made by this date the school may withdraw the offer.


We still have a few Nursery places available - please contact the school office on 01442 391324 for further information.

Reception Class Places - September 2019

Your child is eligible to apply for a Reception Class place if they were born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015.


Parents of children coming up to school age will receive a booklet from Herts County Council, which contains information on how to apply for a primary school place. Applications can also be made on line at  All responsibility for admission to our school lies with the education authority, so our Headteacher will not be able to give you a firm offer of a place. 


Admissions timetable for Reception class places - September 2019

Apply online from - 5th November 2018

Deadline - 15th January 2019

Offers sent out to parents - 16th April 2019

1st Round - Continuing Interest - w/c 13th May 2019

2nd Round - Continuing Interest - w/c 17th June 2019

Continued Interest or Appeals Process

Please contact Herts County Customer Services on 0300 123 4043.


How Hertfordshire County Council Process your Application

They treat each of your three rankings as a separate application, regardless of the order you have listed them in, and work out how well you qualify for each school using the admission rules. If the schools receive more applications than they have places available, they use their admission rules (as seen below) to decide to whom they can offer a place. Places are allocated to those who best meet the published admission rules.

Rule 1 – Children Looked After.
Rule 2 – Medical or Social: Children for whom it can be demonstrated that they have a particular medical
or social need to go to the school.

Rule 3 – Linked School.
Rule 4 – Sibling.
Rule 5 – Children for whom it is their nearest community or voluntary-controlled school.
Rule 6 – Children who live nearest to the school.


Parents may request the name of their nearest school by calling the Customer Service Centre
0300 123 4043.


Arrangements for the Admission of disabled pupils


  • Admission to Gade Valley is managed by Herts CC and places are awarded according to the designated criteria set out in the Herts Direct admission pages.
  • The school works with parents, medical staff, advisory staff etc. in order to be well prepared and able to work effectively with pupils and parents when they join us.
  • The building is adapted for use by wheelchair users.
  • The school provides 1:1 support for pupils if it is appropriate to help with physical needs and support learning.
  • Attainment and Progress are monitored termly.
  • All staff work to ensure pupils are included and give equal opportunities e.g. school trips, activities, learning.