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Parent's Feedback

At Gade Valley, we value your feedback.  It is very nice to know the things that we do well and the areas in which we could develop.


This year we have had some suggestions so have shown these in a 'you say', 'we did' format.


That you would like to receive positive feedback during the week.

Teachers, on occasion, now send text messages via the school office with positive feedback.


You wanted to know when your child was read with at school.

Reading journals are now stamped to indicate when an adult at school has read with your child.


The think the Buddy Reading System is really positive and would like it to happen more regularly.

Buddy Reading takes place each month across the school.


That you would like more guidance and support with E-Safety issues.

A parent workshop was organised with a speaker from CEOP (child exploitation and online protection centre).


You wanted to make the purchase of school uniforms easier.

An option to purchase uniform online is now available.


You wanted a path to built on the slope from the car park gate to the KS1 playground.

A surveyor and two building companies were called out, unfortunately all said the gradient was too steep.


You wanted school survey to be sent online to help anonymity.

Surveys are sent out via survey monkey.